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Sister of Sorrow

Scott Peers

This quest begins immediately after The Missing Queen. After witnessing the service given by the Little Mother (Euphrasia), you have a lead on where to find queen Richardis: in the small town of Aquila, located south of Evreux.

Sister of Sorrow, Siege of Paris DLC.

Travel to Aquila to Find Little Mother and Queen Richardis

Speak with the Child and Find the Key to the Crypt

As you reach the entrance of Aquila from the east, continue west through the town streets until you hear a child singing. You can use Odin’s Sight to highlight the relevant child if you don’t hear them. Speak with the child to learn more about where Little Mother conducts her deliverances: in the Aquila crypt. You’ll then need to go up the stairs to the north of where you spoke with the child. At this point you’ll find some soldiers talking about the missing key to the crypt. Use Odin’s Sight to highlight the soldiers and the location of the key nearby. You can whistle to distract the soldiers as you take the key, or just kill them if you prefer. You’ll find the key just beneath the tombstone where the soldiers were searching.

Explore the Aquila Crypt for Clues About the Deliverance

Once you have the key to the crypt, you’ll be able to open the door to it, just to the west of where you found the key. Go down the steps and then the ladder to the depths of the crypt, where you’ll find a guard waiting. You can creep up behind the guard to assassinate them, then continue through the tunnels until you encounter another guard. After killing the second guard, you’ll be able to enter a room where a woman is having doubts about her role in the deliverance of the queen. Speak with the woman to learn more about her plight, and to offer to fulfil her role as an assistant to the ritual.

Before you leave the room, interact with the knife on the table and read the contents of the letter. This describes part of the details of the ritual, and once you’ve read the note you’ll have both the Dagger of Deliverance and New Assistant Directions in your inventory (you can’t equip either, but you’ll need them for the Assassination Event). Now that you have the dagger and the assistant directions, interact with the bowl in the northern part of the room, then with the large cauldron nearby. Doing so will dip the dagger in the blood, thereby unlocking the Assassination Event for Little Mother.

(1 of 6) The location of Aquila, south of Evreux.

How to Complete the Assassination Event for Little Mother (Euphrasia)

Now that you’ve unlocked the requirements for the assassination event, you can proceed into the inner sanctum. You’ll need to take a key by sliding under a hole in the western wall to unlock the door, then go through to find Little Mother and queen Richardis surrounded by elite guards. At this point you can choose to immediately attack the guards and Little Mother to rescue the queen, but this is risky and much less satisfying than completing the assassination event. Instead, you should move westward toward the cage, where you’ll find a man who is the husband of the distraught woman that you met during The Missing Queen.

Here you can kill two birds with one stone, by distracting the guards and freeing the man from the cage at the same time. However, first you’ll need to steal the key to the cage from one of the guards below (use Odin’s Sight to highlight the relevant guard). From the western side of the room, climb down from the wooden planks and remain crouched as you move slowly behind the guard with the key. When you’re close enough to the guard you’ll see a prompt to steal the key. As soon as you have it, move back to the second floor the same way you came down, and open the cage to free the man. You should remain crouched here and wait near the wooden planks where you dropped down, while the guards leave Little Mother and queen Richardis to investigate.

When all the guards have moved away, climb down from the wooden planks and approach the assassination event icon while crouched. Interact with it to begin a cutscene, during which you’ll have the opportunity to kill Little Mother in a dramatic way.

(1 of 7) Use Odin's Sight to locate which guard has the key to the cage.

Leave the Sanctum with Queen Richardis

How to Clear the Path of Rats for Richardis

Once you’ve killed Euphrasia, you’ll have to follow the queen out of the sanctum. Along the way you’ll encounter a swarm of rats that you’ll need to clear before Richardis can proceed. To clear the rats, destroy the wooden boxes and wall in the east of the room, then strike at the rats with melee attacks, moving them toward the sewer grate which the boxes were covering. When the rats have gone into the grate, you’ll have a limited amount of time to move the nearby barricade, located in the centre of the room, over the sewer grate. This will ensure that the rats can’t get back up.

How to Destroy Weak Rubble Wall

After dealing with the rats, Richardis will continue through the tunnels toward an exit. Unfortunately this is blocked, but you can destroy it by using the nearby fire pot. Pick the fire pot up and carry it to the wall, then throw it at the wall to destroy it. Alternatively, you can use the Incendiary Powder Trap ability if you prefer. A brief scene will follow the escape from the sanctum, and the quest will end soon after.


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