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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Pride of the Aesir

Scott Peers

This quest begins immediately after Warpath. Now that Havi has sabotaged Sinmara’s war efforts at Afalvat Mylna, Drekathorp, and Jofurrsmida, he has forced her to enter negotiations regarding the trade of Baldr for the Salakar. Havi has been instructed to meet Sinmara at an exchange location near an island fortress known as Feigardr, on the coast south of the Hodda Shelter.

Pride of the Aesir, Dawn of Ragnarok.

Light the Beacon at Feigardr to Summon Sinmara

When you first arrive at Feigardr, you’ll need to light a large beacon near the beginning of the bridge to summon Sinmara. This will trigger a cutscene during which Sinmara, Eysa, and Baldr appear. Havi makes the trade and embraces Baldr, only to find out that this isn’t Baldr after all, but a Jotnar illusion. The figure of Baldr slowly turns into a Jotnar, and you’re forced to fight your way through the prison in pursuit of Sinmara.

Find a Way Into the Prison

After the cutscene, you’ll need to defeat a number of Muspel and Jotnar enemies before you can proceed. These will mostly be elite enemies so you’ll need to be on your guard, but they’re nothing you haven’t seen before. Once they’re all dead, you can chase Sinmara into the prison. All you need to do at this stage is follow the paths upward towards the very top of the prison, where you’ll find a large platform and a door nearby. Head towards the door to trigger two regular Muspel warriors. You can kill these, enter the prison, and rush down the stairs to the bottom.

Find Where Baldr Is Being Kept

Once you’re at the bottom of the prison you’ll find a large number of prison cells, and a central room where most of the keys are being held. You can take the time to open each of the prison cells to acquire various loot, but the main thing you’re looking for related to finding Baldr is a pool of blood in front of a specific door. You’ll find this on the northwestern side of the prison, beneath the central area where you looted all the keys. Interact with the pool of blood (use Odin’s Sight to locate it if you’re having trouble) to trigger a cutscene, during which you’ll confront Sinmara.

The cutscene is a rather tragic one, as Havi finds his son Baldr dead, and Sinmara kills Eysa for being a traitor. After this, you’ll need to chase Sinmara down a series of stairs until you reach a large chamber with lava pits. Here a boss fight with Sinmara will begin.

Boss Fight: Sinmara

This fight will function in much the same way as previous fights with Sinmara have. She’ll have many of the same special attacks, including the fire meteors that she will cast at you from afar, the unblockable leaping special attacks, and the white arc special attack which will push you away from her. The main difference here is the setting, as Sinmara will continually retreat to the lava pits so that you can’t access her in a default state, but you can get around this by using the Power of Muspelheim. There will also be a constant summoning of new Muspel enemies, which in this case is a good thing since you can continually fill your Hugr-Rip bar and gain access to the Power of Muspelheim from them if necessary. However, the adds will make the fight more difficult at times, so you’ll need to stay alert for when they arrive.

Hit Sinmara’s Weak Points

The first thing you should aim to do at the beginning of the fight is hit all three of Sinmara’s weak points, which are located on her left arm, right foot, and upper back. If you hit all three, you’ll be able to perform a stun attack which will inflict massive amounts of damage. The first two are fairly easy to hit with your bow, but you may need to dodge and make use of Brush with Death to slow down time as you do so, allowing you to flank Sinmara and target the weak point on her upper back. It may take a few attempts to get this right, but it’s worth doing.

Use the Power of Muspelheim

One of the most important and useful things to utilize in this fight is the Power of Muspelheim. This will make you immune to fire damage from all sources, including the lava pits and all of Sinmara’s special fire attacks, such as the fire meteors. You should wait to use the Power of Muspeleimm until Sinmara runs into the lava pit, as this is when she’ll use her most damaging fire attacks, and it will allow you to hit her in melee while stopping her casting. You can stay in the fire for as long as the power is active, then return to the rock where you can hit the adds to rebuild your Hugr-Rip bar.

Use Throwing Axe Fury on the Muspel Adds

One of the most useful special abilities to use against the numerous waves of Muspel adds is Throwing Axe Fury. This will allow you to hit multiple enemies at once, and it will knock down most of the weaker enemies, giving you a chance to stamp on them for extra damage. You’ll find that your adrenaline should quickly refill throughout the fight as you continually hit both Sinmara and the adds, so you should rarely find yourself without enough adrenaline to use. If you have other preferred abilities to use when dealing with multiple adds, feel free to use them, but this one has the added benefit of flooring multiple adds at once.

Sinmara’s Attacks

Here we’ll demonstrate some of Sinmara’s most common and devastating special attacks so that you can know what to look out for. It’s important that you negate the damage from these attacks in particular, as they inflict far more than other attacks.

Fire Meteors

You should be able to avoid most of the fire meteors by using the Power of Muspelheim, since you can run into the lava pit and attack Sinmara in melee then. However, if you don’t have enough Hugr-Rip you can also just run away from the circles on the ground to avoid the fire damage.

Leaping Attack

Look out for the red rune aura above Sinmara’s head, which indicates when a leaping attack is incoming. If you get hit by it, you’ll receive a massive amount of damage.

Power of Muspelheim

You can use the Power of Muspelheim to rush into the lava and attack Sinmara.

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