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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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Trial of the Raven - How to Get Highest Mastery Points

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This Trial of the Raven can be triggered at the meditation area in Lunden but the trial itself is located within an imaginary Lolingestone Bandit Camp.

How to Get the Gold Medal

Trial of the Raven Objectives

To earn the gold medal for the Trial of the Raven at Lolingestone Bandit Camp, you need to earn the following points for each objective, which amount to the perfect score of 1,000 points combined.

Objective Mastery Points
Air Assassinations 495
Ledge Assassinations 380
Remain anonymous 85
Steal all the artifacts 40

An important thing to note about the above objectives is that you should assassinate all the enemies in the outpost before you steal the final artifact. If you steal all the artifacts and leave any enemies in the camp alive, the trial will automatically complete and you’ll be deprived of the opportunity to earn the maximum amount of points required for the gold medal by assassinating all the enemies. For this reason you should steal the final artifact only after you’ve assassinated the last enemy.

The Trial of the Raven in Lolingestone Bandit Camp

How to Remain Anonymous, Assassinate All Enemies, and Steal All Artifacts

This trial area doesn’t feel as linear as the Trial of the Wolf in Sciropescire, so it can be tricky to know the best way to go about it. This is especially true since you need to perform a bunch of air assassinations and ledge assassinations to earn objective points, meaning the route you take and your positioning is vital. For the most part, the enemies found on the ground, you’ll want to air assassinate if possible, and then those who are standing near ledges should be assassinated from below.

The first five enemies are easy to get. You begin at the top of a platform which directly overlooks an enemy, meaning you can get your first air assassination right away. Then, the next enemy is forward and to the left. Again, you can climb up onto a higher platform and air assassinate him quite easily. A little further into the camp you’ll find an enemy standing near a ledge on an elevated platform, and lucky for you he’s facing the other way. If you’re stealthy, you can creep up the scaffolding edge and ledge assassinate him.

The fourth enemy you’ll want to assassinate is a little further into the camp, but is also found directly beneath a platform meaning (you guessed it) you can air assassinate him! Be careful with this one though as there is an enemy directly in front. He is looking away so unless you’re clumsy or too noisy, you should be able to head down the ramp to your left without being caught. You can then travel through the bushes in crouched mode and climb up the ledge to assassinate him.

From there, the next section can be a bit tricky to figure out as the enemies seem to be facing in certain ways that may make it easier for you to get caught. You’ll need to head over around the stairs firstly and then crouch through the bushes and ledge assassinate the enemy near the stairs. Don’t hesitate here though, you’ll need to quickly move down and head up to ledge assassinate the enemy on the other platform nearby.

(1 of 3) At the beginning of the trial you'll be able to air assassinate an enemy right from the starting point.

Artifact #1

You can then head into the building nearby where there are three enemies and your first artifact. There is an enemy facing the artifact, but you want to move past him quickly and head up the ramp onto the small window ledge and from there you can perform another air assassination onto a different enemy. Then, climb up onto the platform and use the hanging platform to air assassinate another enemy found on the opposite end of the room. Once he’s been killed, you can climb up the wall onto another window ledge and then air assassinate the first enemy that you ran past in this building.

Now that you’ve cleared the area, you’ll be able to move the movable shelf object in the other room over to the set of ladders that takes you to the elevated platform where the first artifact is found.

Artifact #2

You can now head back outside and find the pulley mechanism across the wall, to the left of the stairs. Use it to head up onto an upper level where you’ll find another enemy. You can air assassinate him by climbing up onto the roof, but it’ll be better to ledge assassinate him. Once you’ve killed him, pick up the arrows and use them to shoot at the oil barrels inside the room to the right. This will explode a small opening in the floor that you can climb up into from below. In that room you’ll find your second artifact. You can leave this room via the door behind the moveable shelf object.

Artifact #3

Once outside the enclosed room, make your way over the ropes towards the next two artifacts. The one inside the ruined villa is easy to grab as it’s found on a statue’s hand in an empty room. Just make sure you head over the ropes and platforms quickly to avoid being spotted. Once you’ve grabbed the artifact, head back across the ropes and air assassinate the man below. Once you’ve assassinated him, you’ll want to quickly assassinate the man in the room to the right before he spots you - either with an advanced assassination skill that allows a sequence assassination or by running over and assassinating him the good old fashioned way.

You'll be able to grab an artifact from the room once you've exploded the oil vases and made a hole in the floor.

Artifact #4

Next, climb up onto the broken outside wall of the villa and air assassinate the man that’s standing next to the fourth artifact. It’s important to assassinate the men in the surrounding area before you grab this artifact as you need to shoot a wooden cover off the water pool that will alert enemies nearby as it’s quite a loud action. Once you’ve shot off the wooden cover you’ll be able to grab the artifact from the pool.

The next three enemies can be a bit tricky to assassinate without being caught. You’ll need to head up onto the platform and use Odin’s Sight to reveal the three enemies found in close range to one and other. You’ll need to time when they are all away from each other and looking the other direction, then when the one furthest to the left has walked closer to the outside wall move over and air assassinate him and quickly climb up onto the scaffolding to the left before you get caught by the other enemy on the ground. As the second enemy goes to check on the body of his friend, you’ll be able to perform another air assassination. Climb up the scaffolding once more and jump from the branch to perform your final air assassination on the enemy stood next to the tree.

You'll find an artifact beneath the wooden planks covering a shallow water pool.

Artifact #5

At this stage, if you’ve followed this guide exactly, you should have completed all ledge and air assassinations and be free to collect the final artifact. But if not, then you may need to try to get in a couple more air or ledge assassinations on the final enemies. There are two in range of an air assassination and two on the platform above the artifact that can be assassinated via the ledge if necessary. However, if you’ve completed the other objectives, just stealth your way to the artifact and assassinate the enemies in your way from the bushes then grab the artifact to finish the trial with a perfect score.

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