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Thor the Fishmonger

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Location: Lost Drengr: Thor the Fishmonger Mystery.


This page will offer a guide on where to locate and how to defeat the Lost Drengr, Thor the Fishmonger in East Anglia.

Fighting Thor the Fishmonger

Thor the Fishmonger is located northeast of Northwic, East Anglia. He is a Lost Drengr who used to fight alongside Ragnar, and he asks Eivor for an honourable duel to the death.

Here are some helpful tips to follow before you start in this fight:

  • Unlock the “Brush with Death” ability in the skill tree - Brush with Death is a game-changing ability that will allow you to slow time every time you successfully dodge an attack. When time is slowed, you’ll be able to attack the opponent for a few seconds uncontested.

  • Don’t let your stamina bar deplete - When you dodge too many times (or run around) in a short period, you’ll lose stamina quickly and your bar will drain. Once your bar has drained fully, you won’t be able to dodge until your stamina bar has filled again. Be conservative with your stamina, and only dodge when you’re about to be hit!

  • Upgrade your ration supply bag - Thor has some pretty brutal attacks and if you don’t successfully dodge, you’ll easily take over half of your health from a series of combo attacks triggered by a single successful attack. To upgrade your ration bag, you’ll need mostly iron ores, which can be looted or mined from rocks across the map.

  • Use a long range melee weapon - Using a spear or a two-handed weapon is great if you want to add a bit of space between you and your enemy. It means that your enemy will be slightly further away and less likely to get some blows in. Thor dual wields spears so it’ll be good to use a longer melee weapon so you can reach him without getting too close.

Thor’s Attacks

  • Light Attack (Orange) - Thor dual wields spears so he can jab at you from a safer distance. If he lands a successful stab, it might trigger a combo attack that causes him to rapidly stab you, draining you of all of your health very quickly. You can parry orange attacks but if you have Brush with Death, then dodging is preferable most of the time as you can trigger the slowed time.

  • Powerful Spear Attack (Red) - Thor will trigger this attack when he’s a fair distance away from you. He will jump up and then land, stabbing his spears into you (or the ground). You cannot block this attack and it’s a pretty brutal attack, so you definitely want to dodge this one. If you’re feeling confident, you can leave it till the last second to dodge so you can trigger the Brush with Death ability.

(1 of 3) You can parry or dodge Thor's orange attacks.

Thor is an agile fighter considering his older age and he will roll around and get in a few quick jabs if you’re not careful. Like other boss fights, it’s important to deplete stamina so you can deal the powerful Stun Attack. You can deplete stamina by parrying, but this takes a while. The fastest way to drain stamina is to hit his weak points with your bow and arrows. His weak points are his left shoulder, right forearm and right thigh. It’ll be tough to get in some arrow shots whilst he’s rolling about the place, so it’ll definitely be easier to trigger a Brush with Death time slow, then shoot him then.

When you defeat him, you’ll trigger a brief cut scene between Thor and his son before you need to confirm his death. When you do so, you’ll earn some runes and +2 Skill Points.


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