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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Impaling the Seax

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins immediately after Plucking the Quill. Now that only the Seax remains, it’s time to report to Goodwin to consider your next moves.

Find and Speak with Goodwin

You’ll find Goodwin in the north of Wincestre, at an alehouse near the market. When you speak with him you’ll have a few dialogue options. Choose as you wish, the outcome is the same. After the conversation, you’ll need to attend the funeral of the bishop to confirm whether he truly was the Seax. The funeral is being held just north of Saint Peter’s Church, in the northwest of the city of Wincestre.

(1 of 2) You’ll find Goodwin at an alehouse in the north of Wincestre.

You’ll find Goodwin at an alehouse in the north of Wincestre. (left), Speak with Goodwin to begin a scene. (right)

Attend Bishop Ealhferth’s Funeral

When you arrive in the church grounds, speak with the people there to learn about what they might know. In particular, you should speak with Wemba, who confirms that he didn’t dig the grave for the bishop, and that his friend is missing. You should also speak with Harriet, the bishop’s sister, who can be found praying near the corpse. You’ll have a few dialogue options here, including one exclusive to those with at least 4 Charisma. However, regardless of what you choose, Harriet will ask the guards to attack you and you’ll have to defeat three of them. Once the guards are dead, speak with Harriet in the nearby chapel. The conversation will finally reveal the intentions of Ealhferth, and that he is in fact alive.

(1 of 3) You’ll find the funeral in the grounds of Saint Peter’s Church, in the northwest of Wincestre.

Find and Assassinate The Seax

Now that you’ve confirmed the intentions of Ealhferth, you should attend the Witenagemot at the Witan Hall, west of The Old Minster in the centre of Wincestre. As you approach the hall from the north, look to its western side for some scaffolding. You’ll need to climb this and then enter the hall through the open window. Once inside, you’ll note the presence of four Banneret enemies. Ealhferth is actually one of these, and you can end the fight as soon as it has begun if you assassinate him immediately. To do so, you will need the Advanced Assassination skill, allowing you to kill any of these enemies in one hit.

You’ll know which Banneret is actually Ealhferth by waiting for him to move closer to Aelfred. When he does, begin the assassination. If you fail to kill him in one hit, you’ll need to finish him off without hitting any of the nearby innocents. Kite him and the other Banneret’s away from the civilians to ensure a clean kill. A cutscene will begin as soon as Ealhferth is dead, and at the end of it you’ll need to respond to his sister, Harriet. Choose as you wish here, the outcome is the same.

(1 of 3) You’ll find the Witan hall just west of The Old Minster.

Find the Order’s Temple

With Ealhferth dead, it’s time to use the key he presented you with to search the Order’s Temple. You’ll find the entrance to this at the southwestern side of the Bishop’s Residence. Once inside, you’ll find that the path is fairly linear, so continue down using the key to open the locked door. Behind the door you’ll find some items that you’ll need to inspect, including a note in the first room. To reach the second room behind the barricade, you’ll need to move the movable blockade first, then take a fire pot from the area beneath the hole in the wall immediately to your southeast. Slide under the hole in the wall with the fire pot in hand, and place it by the barricade. Step back and shoot it to cause an explosion, allowing you to pass through.

(1 of 4) You’ll find the temple in the far southeastern corner of Wincestre.

On the other side of the barricade you’ll find some scrolls and a minor treasure chest, but nothing much else. Upon realising that Harriet has lied to Eivor, it’s time to return to Aelfred at The Old Minster. After the long cutscene, you will need to escape the city. Just run out of the city until the quest updates, thereby completing it.

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