Location: Ledecestrescire Sauce Mystery.


This page offers a guide on where to find and how to complete Ledecestrescire Sauce, which is a Mystery located in Ledecestrescire.

Fishing for Eels

This Mystery is located east of Sudwella Monastery, just on the border between Ledecestrescire and Lincolnscire. The man will be concocting a strange new sauce. He has been trying lots of different fish, but now he needs to try eel. You’ll need to fish for an eel in the nearby river. You can use your bow, or if you’ve built a fishing hut in your settlement, then you can whip out a fishing line from the action wheel. By holding ‘V’ to activate Odin’s Sight, you’ll be able to spot fish more easily. Eels are longer and thinner than other fish, so you could use Odin’s Sight to search for eels specifically, if you don’t want to go on a fishing trip!

Did you know? Worcestershire sauce is actually made from fermented fish sauce, so the Anglo-saxon man was not so far off with his recipe! However, Worcestershire sauce was coined in the 19th century, which is 1,000 years after the Viking conquest of the 9th century.

Return to the man, and he’ll ask you to place the eel in the nearby cooking pot. The sauce won’t be a success unfortunately, and the mystery will be completed upon taste testing the sauce. The man will make a joke about moving to Worcester to try making his sauce there, which of course, is a reference to Worcestershire sauce.

At the end of the mystery, you’ll have the option to take the jug of sauce to the basement beneath his house. If you do so, you’ll be able to loot from a chest hidden amongst the other failed sauce attempts.

(1 of 2) The man will joke about moving to Worcester

The man will joke about moving to Worcester (left), and he’ll ask you to take his ruined sauce to the basement with the rest of the rejects. (right)

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