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The Stench of Treachery

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details a guide for The Stench of Treachery main quest, part of The Song of Soma story arc in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

This quest begins after completing Razing Earnningstone, Unholy Father, and Storming Ravensburg.

Return to Grantebridge - Who Is the Traitor Between Galinn, Lif, and Birna?

Now that you’ve had a chance to get to know Galinn, Lif, and Birna a bit better, you should return to Grantebridge to meet Soma and the others outside the longhouse. During the cutscene, you will extract information from one of Wigmund’s associates, who will reveal where Wigmund can be found. When you inform Soma, she states that she’s not comofortable going after him with a traitor still operating in her clan. At this point you will have an opportunity to tell Soma what you’ve learned about Galinn, Lif, and Birna. You can do so to recap what they’ve told Eivor, and then state that you need more time to consider before you accuse someone of being the traitor by choosing “I need to ask around…”.

If you would rather skip the search for evidence and the process of determinig on your own who the traitor might be, reveal the spoiler below to find out who it is so that you can inform Soma immediately. She will however request that you present at least some information. The yellow paint marking and the yellow painted longship will suffice.

Skip the Clues: Who is the Traitor?Show Spoiler

If you’re ready to accuse someone without going through with the process of inspecting evidence, inform Soma that you think Galinn is the traitor.

Search for Evidence

After informing Soma that you need more time to gather clues about who the traitor might be, your quest objective will update, stating that you can search for evidence within Grantebridge and in the nearby swamps. As you’re already in the longhouse, We’ll start with Grantebridge.

Grantebridge - Yellow Paint Marking

When you’re done speaking with Soma in the longhouse, head to the first room on your right to the north. Here, in Soma’s living quarters, you’ll find a hole beside the bed, leading to a tunnel system. Go down the hole and shoot the wooden barricade at the bottom of the first set of ladders, behind which you’ll find some minor treasure. Continue down the second set of ladders and through the tunnel exit, killing the snakes as you go. When you make it outside you’ll spot a yellow marking on the rockface to the northwest. Interact with it to trigger some dialogue from Eivor as they consider what this might mean in terms of evidence.

(1 of 4) Enter the tunnels from the hole in Soma's living quarters within the longhouse.

Eivor will note that you should follow the trail marked with yellow paint, leading north. You can use Odin’s Vision at any point to see the trail of paint more clearly, but the first indication will be on a tree stump at the top of the hill to the north, just a few metres from the rockface. Follow the trail northwest to the crazed woman in the field, and then north again as it continues along the footpath, eventually leading to a bucket filled with yellow paint by the water. Interact with the bucket to trigger another scene in which Eivor considers the evidence. This will open a new quest objective to find a yellow longship in the swamps. See the below screenshot for the precise location near the Abandoned Bog Hamlet, northeast of Grantebridge on your map.

Swamps - Yellow Painted Longship

When you reach the yellow longship you’ll find that it’s still mostly intact, with only the sail showing significant damage. You will also find multiple bandits surrounding it, so you’ll need to deal with these before you can inspect the longship properly. As bandits they’re not well equipped, so they should fall or flee easily. With the bandits gone, loot the treasure chest on the shore and then inspect the supplies nearby.

(1 of 4) The location of the yellow painted longship in the swamps, highlighted here by a red circle.

If you’re in any doubt about what you should be inspecting, use Odin’s Vision for it to be highlighted in teal. After inspecting the supplies Eivor will note that the longship was attacked by bandits, forcing its crew to flee northwest. Now step into the longship and read the inscription on the inside of the hull at the northern end, potentially implicating Galinn. Finally take note of the yellow paint on the dragon head.

Return to Grantebridge - Speak with Suspects

Now that you’ve thoroughly inspected the yellow painted longship in the swamps, you should return to Grantebridge in search of more evidence. This can be found in the form of speaking with random people throughout the settlement, though they won’t reveal much other than context of what happened from their perspective on the night of the attack. More importantly, you should speak with all three of the suspects: Galinn, Lif, and Birna, each of which can be found within Grantebridge at the following locations (also marked on your compass by teal icons):

  • Galinn - Within his house in the southwest of Grantebridge

  • Lif - Outside a house in the north of Grantebridge, northeast of the stables

  • Birna - Within her house in the north of Grantebridge, southeast of the stables

(1 of 4) Speak with random residents of Grantebridge to learn of their perspective from the night of the attack.

In addition to questioning each of the suspects, you can also take note of specific items in their houses. Once inside, use Odin’s Vision to highlight these items. In Galinn’s house, you will find a note detailing an aspect of his visions, located directly behind him. In Birna’s house, you will find a number of packed bags in front of her. In Lif’s house, you will find a note on the table detailing an inventory.

(1 of 4) Question each of the suspects and make use of your Charisma skill when possible.

Consult with Soma

Once you’ve exhausted the dialogue options with Galinn, Lif, and Birna, and also thoroughly inspected their houses for clues, you should return to Soma in the longhouse at Grantebridge. By now you should have a good idea of who the real traitor is, with the evidence gathered at the yellow painted longship, the personal accounts of each suspect, and the potential motivations involved all playing a role. If you want to go over the evidence once more, including all that you have learned since you last spoke with Soma, choose “Here is what I know…” when speaking with her.

If you want to be sure that you accuse the correct suspect of being the traitor, reveal the spoiler below to find out who it is.

The traitor among Soma's inner circle is...Show Spoiler


The evidence at the longship relating to his visions, the trail of paint leading through the secret tunnel to it, the note in his house indicating his desire to rule alone, and the fact that he alone was unaccounted for at the time of the attack all lead to him being the prime suspect.

What Happens Next…

If you accused the real traitor

If you accused the real traitor they will be executed by Soma and she will be more than happy to call you an ally. You will also benefit from one of her inner circle joining your longship crew as a permanent member.

If you failed to accuse the real traitor

If you failed to accuse the real traitor, Soma will be distraught by the outcome and you will have to fight the traitor with her. You will also lose the opportunity to recruit one of her inner circle to your longship crew.

Whatever you choose, once the traitor has been dealt with the quest will complete.


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