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Prey in the High Hall

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts


This is the second chapter of The Legend of Beowulf DLC quest.

Reach the First Mauling Site

Continuing on from the completion of A Fiend out of Hell, you’ll need to head north towards the first mauling site alongside Wulfhilda. As you approach the quest marker, you’ll find an old Anglo-Saxon woman being attacked by a pack of wolves. Quickly slay all of the wolves then speak to the woman. She will tell you that Hrothgar and his band of Danes were responsible for the attack against the cows.

You'll need to save the old woman by slaying all of the wolves.

Follow Wulfhilda to Brisleah Farm

During this next section, you’ll need to walk a short distance with Wulfhilda to Brisleah Farm, which is northwest of the mauling site.

When you approach the farm, you’ll find that the whole place is burnt to a crisp and covered in the strange mould found on the cows. When you reach the church, you’ll be tasked with searching for Hrothgar. He can be found on the higher platforms of the church, and you can reach him by shooting down a ladder and using it to climb up to him. Once you’ve reached Hrothgar, speak to him and he will tell you of Grendel’s attack on his men. Shortly after talking to him, he will pass away from fatal wounds caused by the mysterious Grendel.

Hrothgar and his men have been murdered by Grendel.

You’ll need to wait for Grendel to return, and you can do so by meditating to pass time. To meditate, hold ‘G’ to open the action wheel and choose the meditate action.

Defeat Grendel

When you stop meditating, Grendel will have returned to the church. From the upper platform, you’ll be able to shoot him easily or jump down and perform a stealth attack by pressing ‘F’. If you know anything about Grendel in the tale of Beowulf, you’ll know that he is a formidable opponent. In this reimagining of the tale, however, Grendel is a mere man and he is very easy to kill. You could kill him from above with a few arrows and you’ll never have to engage in hand to hand combat.

Shooting Grendel is the easiest way to defeat him.

When you have defeated him, Eivor will decide to investigate the mould that covers Grendel and all of his victims. This is the end of the quest and you’ll earn 3,400 EXP. In the next quest, Ever as Fate Must, you’ll need to follow the mould trail back to where Grendel came from.

(1 of 2) Grendel is an easy foe

Grendel is an easy foe (left), and Eivor realises that he is no monster after all. (right)


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