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Honor Has Two Edges

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins immediately after War in the North. Halfdan has asked Eivor to observe Faravid to find any evidence of treachery, or to prove him innocent if he truly is. You’ll find Faravid at the camp of Alortun, northwest of Donecaestre.

Kill the Ambushing Picts

When you near the camp, use your raven to scout it if you need to. Speak with Faravid in the camp to initiate a cutscene, during which you’ll have some dialogue options. It doesn’t matter what you choose here, even if you tell Faravid the truth. The outcome of the quest will be the same. After the scene, you’ll need to follow Faravid northwest to attack some Picts. You have the element of surprise here, which means you can take out all of the initial picks with your bow without being seen, if you wish. As Faravid suggests, the Picts will be waiting in ambush positions, but you can ambush them first if you highlight their locations with Odin’s Sight.

(1 of 2) You'll find Faravid at his camp northwest of Donecaestre.

You'll find Faravid at his camp northwest of Donecaestre. (left), Kill the Picts on the path to Wiccan's Cave. (right)

Enter Wiccan’s Cave

Once you’ve killed all the Picts in the area, return to Faravid and his warriors. He will then move swiftly to the next point, just in front of Wiccan’s Cave. Speak with Faravid here to begin the next plan of attack, which involves Eivor entering the cave and chasing the Picts through it, while Faravid and his warriors slip around the back to cut them off. To enter the cave system, you’ll need to climb the wall to the east and follow it north.

When you enter the first chamber of the cave, marked by a tree at its centre, climb the wall directly south of the tree (or climb the tree onto it) and follow the path at the sides of the wall eastward, leading deeper into the cave.

If you’ve already got the Mysterious Crock and Dish Tablet, continue northeast through the cave until you come across two Picts talking. When you approach them they will become hostile, so you might as well take them out before they have the chance. When the Picts are dead, loot the treasure chest and then continue north out of the cave. Here you’ll find Faravid and a brief cutscene will ensue. After the scene, chase the Picts further north. You can shoot them to stop them in their tracks as soon as you get the chance. When all the scouts are dead, follow Faravid to regroup near Stenwege.

(1 of 5) Speak with Faravid outside Wiccan's Cave to plan the next move.

Assault Stenwege

When you reach Stenwege, speak with Faravid to discuss the plan. From here, you’ll need to infiltrate Stenwege and assassinate the Pict Chief. You’ll find him at the top of the camp within the innermost walls. You can try to enter the camp stealthily, but as soon as you begin to attack Faravid and the others will follow with an open attack. You can join them in taking out all the enemies in the outer walls if you want, or you can target the Man at Arms at the entrance to the inner walls to the north. To find him quickly, use Odin’s Sight to highlight the location of the key. You’ll loot a Tungsten Ingot when he’s dead.

With the key from the Man at Arms in hand, continue northwest around the camp until you’re directly at its western side. Here you’ll find a door heading eastward, which you can open with the key from the Man at Arms. In this innermost area of the camp, you’ll find an elite unit named a Macbeth. These have extremely long reach with their weapons and they are relentless in their attacks. Your safest bet is to hit their weak points with arrows to make them vulnerable to a stun attack, then finish them off. Otherwise, just use your abilities to bring them down quickly. When they’re low health, they will drink a potion which will enhance their speed and attack, but this potion will also slowly kill them, so you can kite them until they’re dead if necessary.

(1 of 3) You'll find the Pict Chief in the fortification at the heart of the camp.

Once the Macbeth is dead, loot the key from them and use it to enter the main fortification in the heart of the camp. When you enter, you’ll find the Pict Chief - Galan, son of Mordeleg.

Boss Fight: Galan

To begin the fight with Galan, you’ll need to enter the circular structure first. If you try to shoot him consistently from above, he’ll just heal his way back to full health. However, you can begin the fight with an assassination attack by pouncing on him from above. This should allow you to take a good chunk of his health from the beginning of the fight. When Galan hits the floor with his weapon, it will destroy the surface and you’ll fall deeper into the fortification. When you do, you should find some fire pots in the surrounding area. Shoot them to cause an explosion and set Galan on fire, but make sure you’re not too close to the fire pot when you do.

Aside from the rare red rune aura attacks, Galan’s other attacks can be parried to stop him in his tracks and make him vulnerable. You can then retaliate with a series of light and heavy attacks. You’ll find weak points on Galan’s left leg, left arm, and right leg. Be sure to shoot these to weaken him and trigger a stun attack, which will take a large chunk of health from him. When dodging, you’ll find it useful to have the Brush with Death skill, which slows time whenever you dodge allowing you to shoot weak points with ease or prepare a series of melee strikes. You will also find the Grit skill to be useful, if you’re hit for a large amount and need to recover health quickly.

(1 of 5) You can begin the fight with Galan with an assassination attack.

Galan doesn’t have many special attacks, so the fight will be relatively easy if you follow the above steps. Once he’s dead, a cutscene will initiate with Faravid. It doesn’t matter what you say here, the outcome will be the same.


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