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Rowdy Raiders

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins immediately after On Borrowed Time. After the death of Hemming Jarl, some of the funeral festivities are getting out of hand, and Trygve has requested Eivor’s help in pacifying the situation.

To begin, speak with Trygve outside the longhouse in Hemthorpe. He will inform you about the situation, and Eivor will offer to help. You’ll find three areas within Hemthorpe where a situation needs to be resolved. To locate them, use your raven for a proper view of the settlement.

Retrieve the Fire Pot from the Burning House

We’ll start with the situation to the southwest of the longhouse, which involves retrieving a fire pot from a burning house. Speak with the woman outside the house, then enter the house from its southern end to find the pot within. You’ll need to walk through the fire to get the pot, but it won’t do enough damage to cause any serious harm as you bring it out. Place the pot on the ground next to the woman and speak with her to complete this task.

(1 of 2) Speak with the woman outside the burning house.

Speak with the woman outside the burning house. (left), Retrieve the pot from the burning house and return it to the woman. (right)

Calm the Crowd Outside the Christian’s House

Next, we’ll calm the crowd outside the triangular house northwest of the longhouse. Speak with the woman outside, then go to the back of the house and shoot the wooden barricade to enter it. Once inside, speak with the man on his knees and then take the key and open the door. You’ll have to speak with the woman again, and you can choose whatever option you prefer. All will serve to calm the crowd.

(1 of 2) Confront the crowd outside the triangular house.

Confront the crowd outside the triangular house. (left), Enter the house from the back and open the door from within. (right)

Save the Man from the Roosters

Finally, we’ll save a man from some roosters, who is surrounded by them in the ruin of a structure south of the longhouse. All you need to do is approach the man and wait for the roosters to run off. If any stay behind and continue to attack, you can kill them without consequences. When all the roosters are gone, speak with the man to finish the task.

(1 of 2) Find the man being attacked by roosters south of the longhouse.

Find the man being attacked by roosters south of the longhouse. (left), Save the man from the attacking roosters. (right)

Return to Trygve

Once you’re done with all three of the above tasks, return to Trygve at the longhouse to complete the quest.

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