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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Boss Fight: Faravid

This fight can be particularly tough if you’re not ready for the speed at which Faravid will relentless attack Eivor. The first thing to note is that whenever Faravid strikes, he will quickly follow this up with multiple swift strikes, even if you’re far away. This means that dodging or rolling won’t necessarily be the most effective way to avoid being hit by Faravid, as you will need to be a great distance away from him to avoid the subsequent attacks. Instead, try to focus on parrying or blocking Faravid’s regular attacks, but those marked by yellow or orange auras, and those which are initiated without a specific color.

Aside from his basic attacks, Faravid will throw in red rune aura attacks, which you won’t be able to parry or block. These come in a variety of forms, from a dive similar to the Dive of the Valkyries ability, to a wide sweeping cut followed by an overhead blow. In addition to these, you’ll have to look out for when Faravid has a sparkling fire in his hands, indicating an incoming smoke bomb. This will also be marked by a red indicator like the ones you see when a ranged attack is imminent. As soon as you see this, run to the other side of the room to avoid the smoke bomb if you can.

(1 of 5) You'll find weak points on Faravid's head and right foot.

You will find weak points on Faravid’s head, and on his right foot. Be sure to hit these as soon as possible so that you can weaken Faravid’s defences and open him up for a powerful stun attack. You will find it easier to hit the weak points if you have the Brush with Death skill, which will slow time for a brief period each time you perform a successful dodge. Another useful skill that you should aim to always have during boss fights is the Grit skill, which allows you to regain whatever health you’ve just lost if you hit Faravid soon after. If you don’t have this, you can also take the food from the surrounding tables for a quick heal.

As you bring Faravid down to around a quarter of his health, he will begin to heal himself frequently. This will come in the form of him taking a drink for a few brief moments, which you will need to interrupt as soon as you see it the white rune aura above his head. Faravid may do this randomly and suddenly, but it will also sometimes be preceded by him creating a ring of fire around himself. When he does this, you’ll need to shoot at him to interrupt the heal, lest you be engulfed by flames. Maintain the pressure by combining abilities with light attacks and heavy attacks, and Faravid will soon fall.

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