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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla


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How to Defeat Malvigr

Malvigr is a reasonably challenging fight, and feels quite a bit stronger than Calder in some ways. To begin with, you’ll have to fight her and several other elite Jotun enemies. You’ll want to focus on taking out the other enemies before you turn your attention to Malvigr. And, quite soon into the fight you may spot one of the lesser enemies running to ring the alert bell to bring in reinforcements. To avoid having to fight any more enemies, shoot the bell at the back of the arena!

(1 of 2) You’ll first need to clear out the elite enemies before you can fight Malvigr

You’ll first need to clear out the elite enemies before you can fight Malvigr (left), and don’t let them call for back up! (right)

Whilst you deal with the elite enemies you’ll still need to make sure to avoid Malvigr’s attacks as she’s pretty quick, strong and she can also teleport around in true Jotun fashion! But once they’re out of the way, you can turn your attention to the star of the show.

Malvigr wields a large sword and a bow and arrow. She can also teleport around quickly to get engage and disengage at a moment’s notice. She can also heal herself large amounts of health meaning you want to be constantly smacking her down to avoid her being able to freely regenerate health. She will use her teleport and her rolling ability to disengage and heal so it’s not 100% avoidable unfortunately.

There are a few ways to make sure you keep chipping away at her health is to do the following:

  • Brush with Death - Every time you successfully dodge an attack, you’ll trigger a slowed time period in which you’ll be able to get in some uncontested damage!
  • Hit her weak points - When you use your bow and arrow, you’ll be able to see glowing gold areas on her body - these represent her weak parts and when you hit them you’ll take a designated chunk of her stamina bar. When the stamina bar is totally depleted, your enemy will collapse and you’ll have a brief period of time to perform a super strong stun attack. Her weak points are her chest, her back and her right foot. You can also deplete the stamina bar from just hitting them with other damaging attacks but it’ll be much slower.
  • Throwing Axes - We had a lot of luck with throwing axes knocking Malvigr down and incapacitating her. You’ll be able to follow up this special ability by stomping on her to deal even more damage.

By utilising the strategies outlined above you can try to keep chunking her health even if she can heal at a whim!

Malvigr Special Attacks

Below you’ll find a list of Malvigr’s special attacks so you know what to expect and how to deal with it! Some of these attacks are made in quick succession or even use teleporting to spice it up.

Roll Attack

Malvigr will roll and swipe sideways with her sword. She’ll follow this attack up with a vertical slice so if you’re caught out by the side swipe you’re in for a lot of damage! If you dodge the first attack, and have Brush with Death you’ll be able to attack her for some free damage and then disengage at the last second to avoid the follow up attack.

Jumping Attack

During this attack, which often follows a teleportation, will involve Malvigr jumping and swinging her weapon upwards. This is followed up by a powerful force pushing outwards from her sword towards you, if you’re caught in this, it’ll be quite damaging!

The roll attack and the jumping attack are often made in quick succession as is shown in the gif below.

Double Malvigr

When she’s around one third health Malvigr will split into two! There’s no real Malvigr per se, you’ll just want to focus your efforts on defeating one of the Malvigrs and the other one will be defeated at the same time. The difficulty that comes with this special ability is that there’s now double the threat and double the amount of crazy teleport attacks! Luckily, this split happens late in the boss fight so just put all your effort into whittling down one of the Malvigr copy’s health and you’ll probably be fine!

What’s worse than one Malvigr? Two Malvigrs!

Defeating Malvigr and absorbing her soul using the Salakar will complete the Malvigr main quest and also finish up the Vessel of the Souls arc.

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