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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

The Warlord's Daughter

Scott Peers

This page details how to complete The Warlord’s Daughter quest in Svartalfheim, part of the Vessel of Souls arc. The quest arc begins after speaking with Brammer at the Jordegyr Shelter, in Svaladal.

The Warlord’s Daughter, Dawn of Ragnarök.

Question the Dwarves about Eysa at Gufathorp

You’ll find Gufathorp northeast of the Jordegyr Shelter. The easiest way to reach it from here is to exit the shelter from the southeastern exit, then mount up and ride to the settlement (or use the Power of the Raven to fly there). When you arrive, you’ll find a bunch of dwarves working in the southwestern part of the settlement. Your task is to speak with them to learn more about where Eysa might be found. There are three main dwarves here who will provide you with useful information: Nisdelle, Durrigor, and Bumnoli. You don’t need to do anything special for Nisdelle, but Durrigor will only speak with you if you disguise yourself as a Muspel (using the Power of Muspelheim), and Bumnoli can only help you after you’ve fixed his forge by shooting the twigs blocking the chimney.

After speaking with Bumnoli, you’ll be directed to the blacksmith, who is being punished by Muspels nearby. Head northeast until you see the blacksmith, named Glamnic, then kill the Muspels in the area. Once they’re all dead you can use the Power of Muspelheim again to pick up Glamnic and place him on a safe spot. He’ll then tell you everything he knows about Eysa, and where you might find her. Apparently, Eysa has taken some workers to a mylna, somewhere to the east of Gufathorp. The mylna in question is actually Stor Mylna.

(1 of 4) You’ll find the dwarves with information at Gufathorp.

Boss Fight: Eysa

When you arrive at Stor Mylna you can use your raven to scout the area filled with lava pools. You’ll need to climb or fly to these to find Eysa there, who is in the form of a statue. A cutscene will play at this point, leading to a boss fight with the Muspel Princess.

The difficulty of this fight will depend on what gameplay settings you’re using, perhaps more so than usual. This is because on nightmare difficulty, with Havi inflicting less damage than normal, it will be very difficult to out-damage Eysa’s periodic heals. You can try it on nightmare initially, but if you’re having trouble you can always increase the damage that Havi inflicts in the gameplay settings, without necessarily changing any other options. You can actually do this in the middle of the fight, so you don’t need to worry about reloading.

In terms of Eysa’s mechanics as a boss, her heal is the most unique thing that she has at her disposal. The way that she heals is by periodically moving into a lava pool and turning into a statue. During this time you will still be able to damage her, thereby reducing the amount of healing that she can perform, but you’ll need to deal with at least four Muspels at the same time. Each time Eysa heals she will summon Muspels, giving you an opportunity to increase your Hugr bar. However, if you ignore Eysa during this time, she’ll heal a massive amount and undo much of the damage that you’ve inflicted so far. For this reason we recommend using the Power of Muspelheim whenever Eysa attempts to heal, allowing you to enter the lava pool and continue hitting her as she heals.

(1 of 4) The location of Stor Mylna, in the eastern part of Svartalfheim.

At the beginning of the fight you can focus on hitting Eysa’s weak points. These are located on her left leg, left shoulder, and on her back. The first two are easy enough to hit with your bow, but you may need to try hitting the one on her back after evading one of her attacks. If you have the Brush with Death skill, this will slow time for a brief period, allowing you to flank Eysa to target her back.

Aside from the heal and Muspel summon routine, Eysa has a particularly lethal special attack in the form of fire balls being cast at you. This attack will always be preceded by a red rune aura, and she’ll often spam it whenever you’re at a distance from her. The attack consists of fire balls being cast out from the ground near her spear. These will inflict massive damage if you’re caught in them, but thankfully they’re fairly easy to avoid. All you need to do is run around in a circle to avoid the impact radius, or dodge away if you’re in a pinch.

The fire ball attack is the only new special offensive attack that Eysa will use throughout the fight. The majority of her other attacks come in the form of swift spear combos, which you should be able to easily avoid by parrying, blocking, or dodging. The main difficulty here (at least on higher difficulty settings) is ensuring that you stop Eysa healing a significant amount by never stopping your attack, especially as she turns into a statue. It’s therefore important that you always have enough Hugr ready to use the Power of Muspelheim so that you can follow Eysa into the lava pool.

There is one other special attack that Eysa will use, but you’ve seen this before: the fire wall that her father used when you fought him. The damage from this can actually be negated if you’re using the Power of Muspelheim at the time, as shown in the gif below, but you’ll still take damage from melee attacks.

So long as you’re relentless with attacks on Eysa as she heals, this should be a relatively easy fight. You’ll need to deal with the Muspels whenever they spawn, but try to kill them only when you need more Hugr to power the Hugr-Rip Bracer. The fight will essentially revolve around you chasing Eysa in and out of the lava pools as she attempts to heal, while using your most damaging attacks. After the fight, Eysa will leave and you’ll need to enter the nearby cavern to the east. Here you’ll find a mural that you can attempt to read to complete the quest.

Interact with the mural in the cavern to complete the quest.

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