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Raising Iron

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details a guide for the Raising Iron main quest, part of The Tale of Thegn Oswald story arc in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

This quest begins immediately after A Triumphant Return. After the brave performance from Oswald, it’s time to regroup in Northwic. There you will find Finnr in the southwest of the town, near the Orlog player.

Travel to Theotford

When you speak with Finnr you’ll have a few dialogue options to go through, but you can choose according to your role playing preference. Eivor will ultimately propose a plan of attack on what remains of Rued’s clan, but to do so requires the support of local Saxons. Your first task is to secure the loyalty of the people of Theotford, a small village to the southwest. Mount the nearby horse and make your way through the southwestern gate with Finnr at your side. It’s worth doing this rather than making your own way by fast travel points, as you’ll experience some interesting dialogue between Eivor and Finnr.

(1 of 2) Speak with Finnr in the southwest of Northwic.

Speak with Finnr in the southwest of Northwic. (left), The location of King's Bury, east of Theotford. (right)

It’ll take you no more than a few minutes to reach Theotford along the southwestern road, but you’ll find a small camp of Rued’s men on the way. It’s worth taking them out for the XP and silver. When you reach Theotford you’ll note that it has been attacked by Rued’s warriors. Find and speak with the reeve in the centre of the village to learn more. He won’t be happy to see you, but a few words from Eivor and a pledge to help him recapture the nearby village of King’s Bury will be enough to win him over. As you leave Theotford to make your way to King’s Bury, a resident of Theotford will approach Eivor, pledging themselves to the cause of destroying Rued’s clan.

Retake King’s Bury

To reach King’s Bury quickly, you’ll find a small boat by the docks to the east, which you can use to cross the river. As you near the village, you can use your raven to scout it. You needn’t prepare for a stealth infiltration if you don’t want to, there aren’t enough warriors here to make it worthwhile. If you approach from the front gates you will likely encounter a Skull Crusher and an Arrow-Horde elite unit at the same time. Use a high damage ability to deal with the Skull Crusher quickly, and if you can shoot the Arrow-Horde in their weak spot from the wooden platform, they should fall to their death. You’ll want to avoid their fire arrows, and perform a dodge roll if you do get hit.

Once you’ve killed the warriors at the front gate from the southwest, you’ll find some minor treasure in a small chapel to the northeast. You don’t need anything special to enter the chapel so just walk in and loot it. Once you head up the steps to the east toward the church tower, you’ll find a few more regular warriors on guard. Try to avoid being seen while you’re on the steps, and take note of the logs being held above the southeastern entrance to the church. Shoot the link to send them crashing down on the guards below, then finish off the others in any way you see fit. You’ll have one Skull Crusher to deal with here, guarding the entrance to the church from within.

(1 of 10) Shoot the Arrow-Horde in their weak spot to send them falling to their death.

How to Enter the Church

At this point you have two options: call your longship crew to help you force open the main door, or head to the southeastern side of the church, where you’ll find one unprotected window which you can smash through, to enter it. Whichever way you choose, once inside you’ll find two War-Band Chiefs and a Woe-Bringer. These shouldn’t be too difficult to take out at this point. You’ll find weak points on the Woe-Bringer on his forearms, and on the stomach and hips for the War-Band Chiefs. Alternatively, if you’ve summoned your longship crew by this point, you can just overwhelm them with your fellow warriors.

When all three elite units within the church are dead, you should collect the key from the shelf at the northern end of the building. You’ll also find a chest containing the Magister’s Mask here. Before you blow the horn on the roof, head back outside and turn your attention to the chapel to the east. You can use the key you just collected to open the entrance and loot the chest within, providing you with a Nickel Ingot. With this last piece of loot secured, climb the church tower and blow the horn to signal the reeve. He will arrive immediately from the north, speak with him to complete the quest.


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