This quest begins immediately after An Island of Eels. Now that you’ve secured Soma as a steadfast ally, you can return to Randvi in Ravensthorpe to inform her of the good news.

Note: If you pledged to Grantebridge first and have yet to complete the Ledecestrescire arc, this will be the end of the quest. If you have followed the guide in order and have already completed the Ledecestrescire arc, the brief quest ‘Uninvited Guests’ will begin.

Uninvited Guests

When you speak with Randvi (assuming you have also completed Reporting on Ledecestrescire) she will note the progress you have made so far. A number of days will pass until you find yourself making a speech in the longhouse. As Eivor is speaking to the inhabitants of Ravensthorpe, Dag will interrupt. It doesn’t matter which dialogue options you choose at this point, the outcome will be the same. After some time an army of Danes will attack Ravensthorpe, and you must defend it. Among the attack force you will encounter some elite units such as Skull Crushers and Blood Vikingrs. These are no more deadly than regular elite units that you have already faced by now, but you should be prepared for their greater health capacity and increased attack speed.

(1 of 3) When Dag confronts you, respond as you will. Your choices will not change the story outcome at this point.

Once you have defeated most of the attackers only one will remain. Dag will bring this one to you and Randvi, and Eivor must decide whether to free or kill the warrior. If you choose to kill him Dag will be pleased, but Randvi scold you citing that she could have had spies follow the man to learn more about where he came from. If you choose to let the man go, Randvi will approve but Dag will become angry and kill the man himself, further straining your relationship.

Note: Regardless of your choice here there will be no significant implications for the story. You should choose based on who you trust and respect more; Randvi or Dag.

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