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All Nar's Favors

Scott Peers

This page details how to unlock and purchase all of Nar’s Temporary Favors at Odin’s Camp in the Forgotten Saga DLC, AC Valhalla. You’ll need to earn Thoughts and Memories as currency during Niflheim runs to purchase the favors. We’ll also cover how to unlock all of the Permanent Favors by completing quests in each region of Niflheim.

Nar's Favors, Forgotten Saga DLC.

Nar’s Favors Shop

As mentioned above, all of Nar’s Favors cost either Thoughts or Memories to unlock. You can only obtain these as a currency by going through runs of Niflheim in the Forgotten Saga DLC, but you won’t necessarily need to complete a run. Any Thoughts and Memories that you earn during a run, however short, will stay with you when you’re cast back to Odin’s Camp. You should stay alive for as long as possible during a run, and be sure to complete all available encounters where possible, but don’t worry too much if you die before reaching the end. This will only give you an opportunity to improve your gear and increase your chances of success by purchasing some of Nar’s Favors.

How to Get All Nar’s Temporary Favors

All Nar’s Temporary Favors Effects

Icon Favor Effect Cost
ACValhallaElkTracker.jpg Elk Tracker Reveal the locations of all the Elk Shrines on the World Map for your next run 50 Memories
ACValhallaSilentAssist.jpg Silent Assist The sentry sounding the horn that triggers Helfire in Dokkerland will stay silent this time 50 Memories
ACValhallaVividMemory.jpg Vivid Memory Recover one of the Abilities you had at the end of the last run and receive it along with your Starting Gear 75 Memories
ACValhallaKeepsake.jpg Keepsake Recover one of the weapons or shields you had at the end of the last run and receive it along with your Starting Gear 75 Memories
ACValhallaElkHerd.jpg Elk Herd All regions have an increased number of Elk Shrines 150 Memories
ACValhallaInflatedCurrency.jpg Inflated Currency Merchants offer a 30% discount for items that require Coins or Gems 150 Memories
ACValhallaAwesomeAdvantage.jpg Awesome Advantage Rune rewards you receive will only contain Legendary Runes, max number of uses: 3 15 Thoughts
ACValhallaFamedFortune.jpg Famed Fortune Some weapon chests you open will only contain Legendary Weapons, max number of uses: 3 15 Thoughts

(1 of 2) You'll find Nar opposite the outfitters in Odin's Camp.

You'll find Nar opposite the outfitters in Odin's Camp. (left), You will need to purchase each favor again after each run. (right)

How to Get All Permanent Favors

There are a total of four permanent favors that you can acquire, mostly by doing quests in three of the Niflheim regions. These are the Wholesome Warrior quest in Kaldstat, which provides the Summoned Courage favor. The Dark Dealings quest in Dokkerland, which provides the Open Lines favor. And the Shifting Loyalties quest in Nidheim, which provides the A Wolf’s Pledge favor. The last permanent favor, Preferred Guest, is acquired when you encounter the Hidden Merchant named Hel’s Majordomo, during your first Helheim run.

All Permanent Favor Effects

Icon Favor Effect Unlock
ACValhallaSummonedCourage.jpg Summoned Courage Restore 50% of your Health when it drops to 0. Helping those who appear beyond aid may yield a healthy reward Complete the Wholesome Warrior quest
ACValhallaOpenLines.jpg Open Lines Rope-lines are permanently unlocked in Dokkerland. Doing business with questionable characters can still result in solid connections Complete the Dark Dealings quest
ACValhallaAWolfPledge.jpg A Wolf’s Pledge Brodir comes to your aid when your health gets low. Unassuming allies may offer assistance in unexpected forms Complete the A Wolf’s Pledge quest
ACValhallaPreferredGuest.jpg Preferred Guest Hel’s Majordomo grants you access to Hel’s Storeroom from any room of the castle Go through Helheim and speak to Hel’s Majordomo for the first time


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