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Aelfred's Legacy

Scott Peers

This page details how to complete the Aelfred’s Legacy quest, part of the Discovery Tour for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Includes correct dialogue choices to convince Bishop Denewulf and how to light the beacon as Aelfred.

Aelfred's Legacy, AC Valhalla.

How to Complete Aelfred’s Legacy

Follow King Aelfred to Wincestre

The quest begins at Runcwuda Abbey in 878 CE. King Aelfred is seeking to win the support of his nobles in the construction of the Burhs, which will help to defend England against the Viking threat. As a devoted man of god, Brother Ealric is close to Aelfred’s confidence, and is therefore summoned to help win the support of the nobles.

As Brother Ealric, your first task is to mount the nearby horse and follow King Aelfred to Wincestre. Aelfred will explain the situation as you ride, stating that he wants Ealric to speak with Bishop Denewulf in the hopes of convincing the church to support Aelfred, thereby influencing the nobles.

Walk with Aelfred Through Wincestre

When you arrive at Wincestre, follow Aelfred through the streets as he comments on the past, present, and future of the city under his rule. It’s clear from this short walk that the residents of Wincestre admire Aelfred and place great faith in him. This is demonstrated when a young child named Aemma asks Aelfred to help their mother. Rather than dismiss the request, Aelfred asks the child to lead him to her. A cutscene will then follow during which Aelfred attempts to comfort the woman by promising that her child will be properly cared for.

How to Convince Bishop Denewulf

After the scene in The Nun’s Minster, follow Aelfred outside as you continue to walk through the city. Eventually you’ll reach Bishop Denewulf’s residence, where Aelfred will depart for the Witan as he leaves you to speak with the bishop. Head east and speak with Brother Aelfwald at the door to learn where to find Denewulf. You can then go inside and speak with him.

Correct Dialogue Choices with Bishop Denewulf

A cutscene will play when you speak with Bishop Denewulf. Here you’ll have three dialogue prompts with two choices associated with each. You’ll need to select the correct dialogue to ensure that you win the support of the bishop. The choices are fairly obvious if you’ve been paying attention to the discussion with Aelfred, but if you want to be absolutely sure of the correct choices, see below.

Bishop Denewulf: “Far be it for any man to speak in the name of the Lord. What are these laws King Aelfred is pushing?”

Answer (Option 1): “King Aelfred requires more control over the Kingdom.”

Bishop Denewulf: “What kind of strategies?”

Answer (Option 2): “King Aelfred wants to build burhs (fortified cities).”

Bishop Denewulf: “But how can I be sure that I will be helping our Lord and not merely supporting one man’s pride?”

Answer (Option 1): “King Aelfred wishes to unite people through faith.”

(1 of 4) Follow King Aelfred to Wincestre.

Lead the Ealdormen to the Beacon

Once you’ve responded to the questions from Bishop Denewulf, a cutscene will play during which King Aelfred speaks with the other nobles at the Witan. Thanks to Brother Ealric’s discussion with Bishop Denewulf, the nobles offer their support, though hesitantly. You’ll now play as King Aelfred as you show the nobles how the beacon system works, to further convince them that they’ve made the right choice.

All you need to do is follow the mounted soldiers as you lead the nobles to the beacon. Once you arrive, climb up the rock until you reach the top, where you’ll find the unlit beacon. Approach it and interact with hay beneath it to light the beacon and trigger the final cutscene, thereby completing the quest.


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