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Seren Morgan-Roberts

Tungsten Ingots

Location Description
Rathcroghan Tungsten Ingot You’ll find the Tungsten Ingot in a house surrounded by enemy soldiers. If you head around the back of the building you can sneak in through an open window and avoid any conflict with the guards sitting outside the main entrances into the house.
Cashelore Tungsten Ingot This Tungsten Ingot is found in a chest in the southeastern region of Cashelore. Head through an arch in the wall to find the chest within a small cell in between the fortress walls.
South of Kesh Corann Tungsten Ingot Kill and loot the Goliath elite enemy in the camp to obtain the ingot.
Island North of Athlone Trade Post Kill and loot the Man-at-Arms enemy to retrieve the ingot.
Tuam The ingot is found at the camp above the underground cave. It’s found in a house with a barred door, but if you head round the rightside of the house you’ll find an open window where you can climb inside into the house and grab the ingot from a chest.
Kiltober The ingot is found in a chest within a locked building, you’ll need to use Odin’s Sight to identify the enemy that’s holding the key to the door. You can either steal the key by sneaking and going undetected or by killing and looting him.

Weapons and Armor

Name Location
Druidic Breeches The Druidic Breeches are found in Kesh Corann. You’ll need to find the entrance to the cave then make your way through the camp until you reach the chest where you’ll find the breeches.
Celtic Armor You’ll find the Celtic Armor inside a locked house in Rathcroghan. You’ll be able to obtain the key from the Chieftain elite enemy that’s standing guard on the tower nearby, you can use Odin’s Sight to distinguish him from other enemies via the key icon above his head. Once you have the key you’ll be able to grab the armor from inside the house.
Celtic Breeches The Celtic Breeches can be found in the northern part of Cashelore fortress. You’ll find the chest containing the armor behind two movable barricades. You’ll first need to move the smaller one inwards, then you’ll be able to shift the larger one to the left to make a small entrance into the room.
Ceremonial Sickle The Ceremonial Sickle is found in Lackanscaul, which is a Druid camp west of Clonfert Abbey. You’ll find the chest containing the weapon in an alcove at the center of the camp.

Trade Post Supplies

Location Description
Clonfert Abbey You’ll be able to acquire 4 lots of Trade Post Supplies for a total of +280 Trade Post Supplies.
Enemy Camp Northeast of Rathcroghan In this enemy camp northeast of Rathcroghan, you’ll be able to pick up 1 chest of Trade Post Supplies for a total of +70 Trade Post Supplies.
Enemy Camp East of Cashelore In this enemy camp east of Cashelore, near the southern border of Ulster, you’ll be able to pick up 1 chest of Trade Post Supplies for a total of +70 Trade Post Supplies.


Name Location
Irish Wolfhound The only book of knowledge in Connacht is found in Tuam. You’ll need to head into the cave and defeat the enemies along your way. Then, you’ll find the book in a side room guarded by an Irish wolfhound.
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