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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Needles - Hamtunscire Anomaly

Scott Peers

You’ll find the Hamtunscire Anomaly (Needles) on the Isle of Wiht, located off the coast directly south of Hamtunscire, AC Valhalla. More specifically, the anomaly can be found on the westernmost point of the island, as shown below.

Hamtunscire Anomaly.

(1 of 2) The location of the Hamtunscire Anomaly (Needles) on the westernmost point of the Isle of Wiht.

The location of the Hamtunscire Anomaly (Needles) on the westernmost point of the Isle of Wiht. (left), Interact with the anomaly symbol to begin the mystery. (right)

How to Complete the Hamtunscire Anomaly - Needles

This is one of the more difficult Animus anomalies in the game. Before you head forward, look down and make a note of how the platforms are moving beneath you. You’ll need to slide down at the correct time to ensure that you land on a platform before it moves away. Be sure to jump at the bottom of the slope to reach the platform if it’s a bit too far to land on.

Once you’re on the first platform, jump to the second to your right and then onto the rocks ahead. You’ll need to climb to the top of the rocks before the red wave hits you.

From the top of the rocks, jump down and climb across the three platforms in front of you. As you climb upwards from the third platform, turn left and jump up onto the ledge. You can then climb to a tall platform which is safe from the red wave. Beneath this platform you’ll see a sloping object moving from side to side. Jump onto this as it aligns with the platform ahead, and just before you hit the end of the slope, jump forwards. You can now hop to another natural rock ahead.

Rather than follow the natural rock ahead, turn right and jump up the next set of platforms, including a rotating platform which leads to a large sloped platform. As before, when you reach the bottom of the slope, be ready to jump to the next sloped platform, and then again to a series of vulnerable platforms. You’ll need to navigate these quickly and climb up the large platform with the hand-holds, leading to a safe area with an intermittent projector.

You’ll need to cast the light from this projector onto the unstable structure in front of you. Next, stand on the unstable structure until it disappears, leaving you to drop down onto another sloped platform. You’ll need to time this correctly so that you avoid the red wave, since the sloped platform and those in front of it are vulnerable to being hit. You won’t have enough time to reach the large rock to the right before the wave hits again, so you’ll need to get to the obelisk platform as soon as possible. Once there you’ll be safe, and can wait for the wave to pass before moving on.

(1 of 7) At the bottom of the slope, jump if you need to in order to reach the moving platform.

From the obelisk platform, climb up the large rock and follow it to a series of smaller obelisks, leading to a ruined tower. You’ll need to climb a section of this tower and then navigate the curved platforms upwards, using the hand-hold on the last one to reach a large circular platform which contains a rotatable projector. You’ll need to rotate this so that the light touches the two platforms shown in the screenshot below.

Once you’re on top of one of the platforms supported by the rotatable projector, you’ll find another regular projector. Aim this at the platform shown in the screenshot above, then return to the rotatable projector and aim it at the platform which is moving up and down. When it hits the lowest point, the light from the projector will hit, holding it in place. You can now climb this to another projector at the top. When you move the light from this one, the platform it was holding in place will move. Wait for another platform to rise and hit the projector in the same place, allowing you to climb upwards.

As you climb up you’ll eventually reach a series of vulnerable red platforms. This is one of the trickiest parts of the anomaly. The key is to navigate these as soon as the red circle of light rises up. You should have just enough time to reach a safe platform, at which point the Unknown Male Voice will begin to speak, indicating that you’re close to the end. Continue climbing at your own pace along the safe platforms until you reach a series of vulnerable platforms. Wait for the red circle to pass you (either up or down), then immediately run to the curved platform in front of you.

You’ll need to use the hand-holds to reach the area behind this curved platform before the red circle comes back. Only behind the platform will you be safe. Once there, wait for the red circle to pass by again before you climb up. You’ll have just enough time to climb up the next series of vulnerable platforms, but note that each one from here will allow you to hang from the back of it, safe from the red circle while you wait for it to pass, so there’s no rush. Once you realize this, you can take your time climbing the last few platforms to the anomaly at the top. All you need to do now is interact with it to complete the mystery.

(1 of 7) Rotate the projector so it hits the two platforms shown here.

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