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Veiled Threats

Scott Peers

This page details the Veiled Threats repeatable quest, part of the Oskoreia Festival. Includes how to get the most Festival Tokens by completing all three rounds of the challenge.

Veiled Threats, AC Valhalla.

How to Complete Veiled Threats

How to Complete with Eivor Gear Set

This is a new festival challenge which is unique to the Oskoreia Festival, involving the smoking pots which the Mad Monk is so fond of constructing everywhere. The concept is fairly simple: you speak to Swinda, located in the northeast of Ravensthorpe, and she invites you to take part in the challenge using different gear sets. The first mode will be performed with your own choice of gear, which is determined by whatever you’re wearing at the time.

The challenge consists of Eivor fighting off three waves of enemies, which become more powerful with each wave. The first wave will usually be a handful of weak enemies who are below your current level. The second wave consists of elite enemies who are on or slightly above your level, and the third wave consists of powerful enemies such as Werewolves and Wolf Sorcerers who are on your level or above it. The last wave of enemies will spam devastating attacks, so you’ll need to be extra careful.

How to Complete with Druid Gear Set

The second mode invites you to try the challenge with the Druid gear set, which essentially allows you to wear whatever you have on at the time, but you’re forced to dual-wield two Druid sickles. This makes it slightly more challenging, since sickles can be difficult to wield based on timing and movement. However, you can still use your special abilities and your bow if you’re in a rough spot.

The key to defeat the challenge with the Druid set is to make use of dodges, rolls, special abilities, and your bow. There will no doubt be numerous times when you’ll begin an attack animation with the sickles, only to find that it takes too long to hit the enemy before they hit you. This will result in them breaking your attack animation, and potentially inflicting devastating blows of their own. You should only go through with a sickle attack when you can be sure that it will hit before the enemy hits you.

Aside from using the sickle, if you’d rather rely on other sources of damage due to the slowness of the sickles, you can make good use of your bow while the arrows last. Try to aim for headshots and weak points to kill enemies as quickly as possible. Once you’ve hit all the weak points, you can execute a stun attack which will finish an enemy off. This is the most efficient method, but you can also use various damaging special abilities such as Throwing Axe Fury, which will knock enemies down, leaving them vulnerable to Stomp attacks.

How to Complete with Reaper Gear Set

The third and final challenge mode invites you to face the waves of enemies with a scythe, and essentially no armor. This means that you’ll be incredibly vulnerable to attack, and you should avoid being hit at all costs. You can survive a few hits from regular and even elite enemies, but the special attacks from Werewolves will finish you off pretty quickly if you’re not careful.

The lack of armor isn’t the only thing which makes this challenge mode potentially difficult. You’ll also have no access to a bow or any other weapons, so you’ll be forced to use the scythe. However, you can still use your special abilities and some of these will allow you to strike weak points, alongside the random chance of hitting a weak point that you get from each melee strike.

The one advantage that you do have with the scythe is that you’ll be inflicting a lot of damage with each attack, and you also have superior reach. This means that you can stand a safe distance away from most enemies without having to worry about being hit suddenly, and you can strike at multiple enemies from a safe distance knowing that you’ll inflict area of effect damage to most of them.

This becomes less useful when you’re fighting the Werewolves in the third wave. These will spam their special attacks relentlessly, and just one can take you out since you’re not wearing any armor. The Werewolves have multiple special attacks which cause them to leap a great distance, which allows them to get from a place where it seems like you’re safe, to suddenly tearing you to shreds in a few seconds.

To avoid succumbing to these attacks, look carefully for the leap attack animations, often indicated by red rune auras, and be ready to dodge out of the way. It’ll take some practice to get the timing right, but this is the most reliable method to avoid dying to the Werewolf special attacks. You can then quickly retaliate with a series of light attacks, before getting ready to dodge again.

(1 of 7) Use stun attacks after hitting weak points to inflict massive damage.


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