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This quest begins once you have completed Old Wounds and Childhood Sweetheart. Now that you’ve secured a ship and crew for Estrid to travel to Francia, and reunited Birstan with his childhood sweetheart Alfida, it’s time to perform the last part of the plan by pretending to kidnap Estrid so that she can leave England.

Speak with Rollo

Wait for signal or Unleash war dogs?

To begin, you’ll need to speak with Rollo in Colcestre. You’ll find him with some of his crew in the market, on the western side of the town. When you speak with him you’ll have two options: “Wait for my signal.” or “Unleash your war dogs!”. The first will allow you to attend the festival at night and kidnap Estrid in your own time, prompting Rollo to begin a fight with the guards when you do. The second will also transport you to the festival at night, but as soon as you arrive Rollo and his crew will begin fighting the guards immediately, creating chaos for you to take Estrid.

(1 of 2) You'll find Rollo on the edge of the market in the western part of Colcestre.

You'll find Rollo on the edge of the market in the western part of Colcestre. (left), Speak with Rollo to begin the quest. (right)

Kidnap Estrid & take her to Wulfaswic

Whichever method you choose, the objective is the same: find Estrid, tie her up, and take her out of Colcestre. You’ll have to fight some guards either way, but the first option allows you to explore the festival a bit before you initiate the chaos. Once you’ve located Estrid, you’ll need to kill the guards around her so that you can tie her up unhindered. From where you spawn at the festival, you’ll find Estrid to the southeast. When you initiate the attack, be careful not to kill any civilians with careless sweeping strikes or poorly aimed arrows.

Once the kidnapping begins, you’ll have to contend with some Yeomen, Pikemen, Skirmishers, and a Standard-Bearer. These are all enemies you’ve faced before, so you should be familiar with how to deal with them effectively. A good general rule of thumb is to parry or block most of their yellow aura attacks, and dodge or roll away from their red rune attacks. Once you’ve killed enough enemies around Estrid to provide you with enough time to tie her up, do so and then carry her to the meeting point at Wulfaswic, far to the south of Colcestre.

(1 of 6) The location of Estrid in Colcestre.

When you arrive at Wulfaswic a brief cutscene will begin, after which the quest will complete. Before you leave the camp, be sure to speak with Estrid for some extra dialogue.


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