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Dark Before Dawn

Scott Peers

This quest becomes available once you have completed Fire From Heaven, A Hidden Weakness, and Royal Fox Hunt. With the preparations for the siege of Paris complete, it’s time to return to Sigfred’s Forward Camp to regroup.

Dark Before Dawn, Siege of Paris DLC.

Speak with Goll at Sigfred’s Forward Camp

When you arrive at the camp, you’ll find Goll waiting, with Sigfred and Toka nowhere to be found. Goll will be her usual dismissive self, so Eivor decides to wait alone for a while. Go to the bench under the tree, west of Goll, and wait there to begin a cutscene. Eivor will recount aspects of the past and present, before Toka joins him at night. The scene with Toka will be interrupted by Sigfred, at which point you’ll have a few dialogue options. It doesn’t matter which you choose here, as the outcome will be the same regardless, so just go with whatever feels right to you.

After the scene with Toka and Sigfred you’ll need to find your tent and sleep before the siege begins. Once you interact with the tent, there will be no going back. Another cutscene will begin and by the end, you’ll find yourself at the gates of Paris, fighting Ebels.

(1 of 4) Speak with Goll at Sigfred's Forward Camp to begin the quest.

Defeat Ebels at the Gates of Paris

The fight with Ebels should be relatively easy, so long as you’re above level 400 at this point. There will be a few regular soldiers to kill beside him first, but once they’re gone it’ll just be Eivor and Ebels fighting at the gates. You’ll find weak points on Ebels’ left leg, and on both shoulders. Shoot these or hit them in melee combat to weaken Ebels and make him vulnerable to a stun attack, which will inflict massive damage. If you’re finding it difficult to hit the weak points, you can dodge one of his attacks to slow time and give you a chance to aim at the weak points while Ebels is mostly stationary. However, this will require that you have the Brush with Death (Way of the Raven) skill equipped.

If you still can’t hit Ebels’ weak points, there shouldn’t be much cause for concern. You’ll have plenty of space to kite him and shoot from afar, or combine a few heavy and light attacks before retreating to regain stamina for a few seconds. The only special attack that you’ll need to look out for from Ebels is a red rune aura attack with his sword, during which he’ll swing the flaming sword in a wide radius around him. This can be easily avoided by dodging or rolling away, but if it hits you’ll be on fire for a few seconds. All other attacks can be parried or blocked, although you can still dodge or roll away from them if you prefer. So long as you wait between bursts of attacks while your stamina regenerates, this fight should be one of the easier boss fights that you’ll encounter.

(1 of 3) Be sure to target Ebels' weak points when you get the chance, located on his left leg and both shoulders.


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