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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

All Collectibles

Scott Peers

This page details the locations of all collectibles in the Rhine River Raid, including the Ulfberht Sword, Sir Gareth’s Holy Sword, and the Spinning Harpoon ability. You’ll note that the Spinning Harpoon ability can be found at a number of locations initially so you may be lucky enough to come across it before you reach Ferrieres Monastery. If not, you should be guaranteed to find it at the monastery.

How to Enter the River Rhine

The first thing to note about the River Rhine is that you won’t be able to access it until you complete the The Spear of Lugh quest in the River Erriff. This will give you the Ulfberht Myth Clue, which is the key to opening up the River Rhine region.

Ulfberht Sword Location

You’ll need to complete The Ulfberht Sword quest and ultimately defeat the Ulfberht Sword’s Champion at the Ferrieres Monastery to acquire the Ulfberht Sword. This quest has a number of steps which we’ve detailed below for your convenience.

Where to Find the Captains in the River Rhine

To lure out the Champion of the River Rhine, you first need to defeat two Captains. These come in the form of any elite soldier unit, and they can be found in any military location along the Rhine. The spawn location of the Captains is random, but since they’re confined to military locations, we’ve listed all of those which can be found along the Rhine in the below table.

Military Location Region of River Rhine
Fort Ehrenfels Northwest
Rhine Fortification Northwest
Fortified Ruins West
Katzenelnbogen South

Once you’ve found and defeated a Captain, you’ll need to confirm the kill before it registers on the quest log. After killing two Captains, you can begin to look for the Champion, who can be found at the Ferrieres monastery.

(1 of 4) The location of military locations in the northern River Rhine.

Where to Find the Ulfberht Sword’s Champion in River Rhine

Now that you’ve killed two Captains at one of the military locations listed in the above table, you can travel to the Ferrieres monastery, located in the far east of the Rhine, to find and kill the Champion. You’ll need to fight your way through the soldiers at the monastery before you reach the main church at the top. When you enter the church, a cutscene will begin and a boss fight with the Champion will follow.

(1 of 2) The location of the main church in the Ferrieres monastery.

The location of the main church in the Ferrieres monastery. (left), Enter the main church in the Ferrieres monastery to begin the fight with the Champion. (right)

Boss Fight: Ulfberht’s Sword’s Champion

The fight with the Ulfberht’s Sword’s Champion will be much easier than the Lugh’s Spear Champion. This is mostly because the Ulfberht Champion isn’t wearing any armor. Instead, he’s clad only in priestly robes, which leaves him vulnerable to attack. On standard difficulty settings, you can kill the Champion in two or three hits by first hitting his weak point on his left shoulder, then executing a stun attack. You’ll inflict massive damage due to the Champion’s lack of armor, and negate his swift attacks at the same time.

If you’re fighting the Ulfberht Champion on higher difficulty settings, you’ll need to be more careful to avoid his attacks. He will spam his special red rune aura attack, which comes in the form of a spinning attack with a reasonably large reach. One hit from this will knock you down on high difficulty settings, while also inflicting massive damage, so you’ll need to avoid it at all costs.

Alongside the red rune aura attack, the Ulfberht Champion will spam chain attacks which are indicated by an orange aura. These are less deadly than the red rune aura attacks, but they can still inflict a lot of damage if you’re caught of guard and hit by all of the attacks that are chained. You can stop the orange aura attack with a block or parry, but you’ll need to dodge or roll out of the way of any red rune aura attacks. Alternatively, you can use a special ability of your own to interrupt the red rune attack.

Ultimately, the Ulfberht Champion is a glass cannon opponent who can swiftly inflict massive amounts of damage in close combat if you fail to block, parry, or dodge away from his attacks. However, it will only take relatively few hits from yourself to take him out, since he’s wearing no armor. A string of special attacks will be more than enough to deplete most of the Ulfberht Champion’s health if you’re playing on standard difficulty.

When you defeat the Ulfberht Champion, you’ll receive the Ulfberht Sword. You’ll also unlock three new quests for each River Raids region in England, Ireland, and Francia when you return to Vagn.

(1 of 4) You’ll need to dodge or roll away of red rune aura attacks, or interrupt them with special abilities.

Where to Find the Spinning Harpoon Ability

You’ll find the Book of Knowledge which grants the Spinning Harpoon Ability at the top of the church tower in the grounds of Ferrieres Monastery, as shown below.

(1 of 2) You’ll find the Book of Knowledge at the top of the church tower in the monastery.

You’ll find the Book of Knowledge at the top of the church tower in the monastery. (left), The Spinning Harpoon ability is similar to that which is used by mace wielding elite units. (right)

Sir Gareth’s Holy Sword Location

To acquire Sir Gareth’s Holy Sword, you’ll need to complete the Francia’s Anointed River Raids quest, and ultimately defeat Francia’s Champion of the Faith. They’re also located at the Ferrieres Monastery, but if you don’t find them on your first run you may need to come back after defeating the Ulfberht Sword Champion. In any case, we’ve covered the details of the quest below.

Where to Find Francia’s Champion of the Faith in River Rhine

There’s only one monastery in along the River Rhine, named Ferrieres. This is located in the far east of the region, at the end of the river. You’ve already been here during The Ulfberht Sword, and you’ll find the champion in the same church that you found the Ulfberht Sword Champion, at the top of the hill in the monastery grounds. However, to reach this Champion of the Faith, you’ll need to shoot a ladder inside the church, then climb it to the highest levels of the building. Here a cutscene will begin, after which you’ll be fighting the Champion.

(1 of 3) The location of Ferrieres monastery, in the far east of the River Rhine region.

How to Defeat the Champion of the Faith at the Ferrieres Monastery

This fight should prove relatively easy, since the Champion isn’t wearing much armor, much like the last one. This means that your attacks will inflict massive amounts of damage. The Champion has only one weak point which is located on his back. You can hit this with your bow if you flank the Champion, and the best way to do this is by first dodging one of his attacks, then shuffling into a position where you can see his back. Alternatively, if you have the Precision Axe Throw ability, you can use this to strike the weak point, but you’ll still need to flank the Champion to hit it.

At the beginning of the fight, the Champion will place two explosive mine devices on the ground. You’ll need to avoid the circle boundaries that these create, especially if you’re playing on the highest difficulty settings, since being hit by just one of them can result in a near one-hit death. The positioning of the circles will be random, but we were lucky as the Champion placed them in the corner of the room for us. You may find yourself working with much less space, but if you do trigger a mine, be ready to heal yourself immediately after to avoid being killed by any follow up attacks.

The Champion has a unique ability where he slings a harpoon around his head every so often. The harpoon is on fire, so getting hit by it will apply a damage over time debuff. The hit itself will also inflict a high amount of damage, so be sure to get out of the way when you see the attack begin. The beginning of the attack is marked by a white flash, though this is only brief. Fortunately the Champion stays in the same position as he spins the harpoon, so you should be able to avoid it comfortably once you’ve noticed the spinning begin.

(1 of 5) Be ready to block, parry, or dodge the chain attacks indicated by an orange aura.

How to Get Sir Gareth’s Holy Sword

Once you’ve defeated Francia’s Champion of the Faith, you’ll receive Sir Gareth’s Holy Sword.

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