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Ever as Fate Must

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts


Ever as Fate Must is the third chapter in The Legend of Beowulf. It continues on from the Prey in the High Hall chapter.

Find Grendel’s Lair

To find Grendel’s lair, you’ll need to follow the trail of mould that heads southwest of Brisleah Farm. Use your Odin’s Sight to track the mould easily. It’ll head down a distinct dirt path towards an abandoned mine pit.

(1 of 3) Use Odin's Sight to track the mould towards Grendel's Lair.

Explore Grime’s Graves

You’ll need to head down into the pit, which is quite a dark area so lighting a torch by holding ‘T’ will be helpful to seeing where you’re going! Follow the pathway through the tunnel until you reach a cavern. In this cavern, you’ll notice that there is a strong stench that will start to blur your vision a little. Hop onto the wooden post then over to the next platform to head through the door on the left. Continue through the tunnel system until you need to parkour across some narrow stone ledges. Then, use the wooden structures in front of you to hop up onto a wooden platform that takes you to a new tunnel.

Make sure to use a torch so you can see where you're going!

As you head through this next tunnel, your vision blur will become stronger, as though you’re high on Fly Agaric. At the end of the tunnel, climb up the wooden structure to a higher ledge then continue onwards. Watch out, as in this tunnel, a couple of snakes will attack you. They are easily defeated using a melee weapon or your bow.

Next, you’ll need to jump down into an even deeper pit, which is marked as a Cursed Area. It is extremely dark and your vision will become very blurred. You’ll need to find the key to unlock the door. Use Odin’s Sight to locate the key, which can be found to the west, on a stone block.

Behind the locked door, you’ll find Grendel’s Mother. At this stage, your vision is almost completely incomprehensible and you’ll only really see shadows and outlines. Once again, Grendel’s Mother is not the formidable foe of the Beowulf saga, and instead, she can be taken down easily with a few arrows to the head. She can be killed before she even reaches you. In the end, Grendel’s Mother is just an old lady who is trying to look after her son. You will only discover this when the hallucinations clear up.

(1 of 2) Grendel's Mother may appear fearsome

Grendel's Mother may appear fearsome (left), but she is just an old woman trying to protect her son. (right)

Before you head back to Brisleah Farm to tell Wulfhilda of your discoveries, you’ll want to clear the Cursed Symbol that’s plaguing the area. It can easily be located by following a narrow tunnel heading south, out of the cave room. You’ll then need to move the large object out of the way to reach the next section of the cave.

Head up the wooden structure in the cavern then back down the pit to find the Cursed Symbol. Now you can make your way back through the cave towards the church where you found Hrothgar.

Return to Brisleah Farm

Speak to Wulfhilda and tell her of the tragic tale and she will vow to tell the tale in a more heroic light. This is Ubisoft’s interpretation of the origins of the heroic deeds of Beowulf. No fighting dragons and giants in this version of Beowulf! You’ll earn 3,400 EXP for completing this quest. It also marks the end of The Legend of Beowulf DLC.

The story may not be as heroic as it is portrayed…


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