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Through Faith & Fire

Scott Peers

This page details how to complete the Through Faith & Fire quest, part of the Discovery Tour for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Includes where to find curative ingredients for Brother Oswine, and what dialogue options to choose with Father Bertwald.

Through Faith & Fire, AC Valhalla.

How to Complete Through Faith & Fire

Follow Abbess Magdalena

At the beginning of the quest you’ll find yourself playing as Brother Ealric, a monk in the monastery on the Isle of Ely in Anglo-Saxon Britain, 870 CE. Your first task is to speak with Abbess Magdalena, who can be found nearby. Since you’re a new monk at the monastery she’ll offer some advice as you follow her through the monastery grounds. Eventually, you’ll reach the church where morning prayer is taking place. You’ll need to interact with the nearby pew (church bench) to begin praying with the Abbess. As you pray, you’ll be presented with three notes with some brief information regarding the practice of monastic prayer, the liturgy of the hours, and an explanation of canonical hours in the practice of Christianity.

Take Brother Oswine to the Infirmary

Once you’re done praying, you’ll be prompted to go to the kitchen to break your fast. Here you’ll encounter other monks, including Brother Jerome and Brother Oswine. You’ll soon learn that Brother Jerome adheres strictly to etiquette at the Lord’s table, even when Brother Oswine begins choking. Thankfully, Ealric isn’t the sort of person to leave another to choke to death for the sake of religious practice, so he disobeys Brother Jerome and takes Oswine to the infirmary. You’ll find the infirmary just to the west of the kitchen, through the grounds of the monastery. Here you’ll need to place Oswine on the bed, then speak with Father Bertwald to learn how you might go about helping Oswine.

Search the Scriptorium for a Remedy

Father Bertwald suggests that you go to the scriptorium to see whether you can find any information about how to ease Oswine’s symptoms, and failing that to speak with Sister Winifred. When you reach the scriptorium, you’ll need to interact with four scripts, entitled as follows:

  • Vivid Pain of the Side (northern part of the room)
  • Yellow Disease (southern part of the room)
  • Blood Flux (southwestern part of the room)
  • Elf Hickey (northwestern part of the room)

(1 of 5) Interact with the pew to begin praying.

Gather Ale, Dust from a Relic, Honey and Feverfew

After reading each script, Ealric will confirm that they’re all irrelevant. The only option that remains is to seek the advice of Sister Winifred, who can be found nearby. You should listen carefully to her words, as you’ll need to recite the correct ingredients when you speak with Father Bertwald later. Winifred recommends “Oxa’s recipe for pain”, which consists of the following ingredients:

  • Dust from a relic
  • Double-brewed ale
  • Honey
  • Feverfew

Now that you have something to work with, it’s time to gather the ingredients. You’ll find the ale in the kitchen, located to the east of the scriptorium. The dust from a relic is the next closest thing, located in the church to the northwest of the kitchen. Now you’ll need to go into the fields north of the monastery to fetch the honey and the feverfew. To obtain the former you’ll need to speak with Sister Odelyn, who can be found gathering honey in the fields. She’ll offer you some honey from the nearby table. To get the feverfew, speak with Brother Cyneweard further north, who will remind Ealric what it looks like. You can then pick some up just northwest of Cyneweard.

Mix the Remedy and Answer Father Bertwald

With all the ingredients in hand, it’s time to mix them to create the remedy for Oswine. Go back to the mixing bench where you spoke with Father Bertwald to trigger another cutscene with him. During this cutscene you’ll need to recite the ingredients that you’ve just collected. This should be fairly simple, but for the avoidance of any doubt, you should answer in the following order:

  1. (Option 3): “Ale, from the kitchens”
  2. (Option 1): “Feverfew and honey”
  3. (Option 2): “Dust from a relic”

Now that you’ve mixed the remedy, you can give it to Brother Oswine, who can still be found lying on the bed nearby. A cutscene will follow during which Oswine perks up, but the moment of peace is interrupted by the sound of bells ringing. Brother Jerome will come for Ealric at this point, demanding that he follow to Abbess Magdalena, who has summoned him to the chapel. Ealric is hesitant, but you must follow. When you reach the Abbess, she’ll ask you to pick up the nearby reliquary and follow her to the catacombs. All you need to do from here is head down the steps until you reach the shore of the river, thereby completing the quest.

(1 of 5) The ale can be found in the kitchen.


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