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The Hunting Grounds

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins immediately after In a Strange Land. Eivor has arrived in Vinland and discovered the small settlement of Nyhofn. The conversation with Hilde, a contact of Gorm Kjotvesson, has revealed that a man named Olav is missing. He is apparently essential to the journey in sending supplies to Gorm.

Enter the Storehouse & Follow the Trail to Karonhiaken:iate’

To begin, you should sit on the bench beside Nessa’s ship. Listen in to the conversation between the two women, who reveal that Olav is actually Hilda’s brother, and that he’s been in some trouble with Gorm. When you’re done listening to the exchange, the quest log will update, stating that you’ll find Olav’s things in the nearby storehouse.

Next, head up the hill into the main part of the settlement. Turn west until you see two men standing by the western entrance. You can interact with the hay on the floor to listen in to their conversation discreetly. Once you have, the quest log will update, indicating that Olav is probably not an ally of Gorm, and that he may know where to find him.

From the two men at the gate, head northeast to the centre of the settlement. Here you’ll be able to interact with a pile of logs to learn more about the confrontation between Olav and Gorm. Apparently they fought in the storehouse, which should yield more information. The storehouse is located immediately behind the pile of logs to the north, but if you want a bit more context and to get the most out of the dialogue, go and sit at the table to the northeast to hear more.

When you’re ready, inspect the clues around the storehouse and then enter it by smashing the wooden barricade or climbing over the walls. You’ll find more blood on the boxes to the north. Interact with them to update the quest log, then smash through them to slide through the hole in the wall and continue north into the cave and beyond. Follow the footprints and the blood trail northwest toward the synchronization point atop the rock face. After synchronizing, climb down and continue northwest along the trail.

(1 of 7) Explore the settlement and the storehouse for clues to Olav's whereabouts.

The trail will lead you to the indigenous village of Karonhiaken:iate’. Make your way to the centre of the village, where you’ll find a group of people, including the leaders. Approach them to begin a cutscene, then follow the leader to a waterfall in the north. When you enter the cave another cutscene will follow, during which you’ll have a few dialogue options with Olav. Choose as you want here, then follow Olav outside to complete the quest.

Collecting Wealth & Materials in Vinland

Despite the implication, it’s not necessary to acquire all the armor and weapons in order to defeat Gorm and his warriors. The fights ahead will certainly be easier with it, but if you’re confident in your abilities you can complete this entire arc without having to collect any materials, other than the ones given to you by Olav. You can trade these for the Ohkwa:ri Club from the locals, which can be used as a basic melee weapon. Otherwise, you can kill most of the warriors in the Vinland camps with your hidden blade, if you’re careful enough.

There are a total of five locals that you can trade with in Vinland, scattered around the map and marked with the regular trader symbol. If you want to make the fights ahead easier, you will need to spend some time exploring Vinland to obtain Iron Ore, Leather, and Carbon Ingots, each of which will be required to trade in exchange for the armor and weapons provided by the traders. For an overview of static wealth locations which provide carbon ingots, and some advice on how to find other materials, see Wealth and Materials Locations.


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