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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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Trial of the Bear - How to Get Highest Mastery Points

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This Trial of the Bear can be triggered at the meditation area in Lunden but the trial itself is located within an imaginary Lolingestone Bandit Camp.

How to Get the Gold Medal

Trial of the Bear Objectives

To earn the gold medal for the Trial of the Bear at Lolingestone Bandit Camp, you need to earn the following points for each objective, which amount to the perfect score of 1,000 points combined.

Objective Mastery Points
Fire damage kills 441
Fall damage kills 330
Parry 180
Kill the target 49

This means that you’ll need to prioritise killing as many enemies as possible by fire damage and fall damage, until the objectives are marked as complete and are removed from your active objectives. If you find yourself in a sticky situation due to being overwhelmed by enemies as you’re trying to get in an appropriate position to cause fall damage, you can kill a few with regular attacks or reduce their health, before moving to another part of the outpost for some breathing space. With some of the stronger elite enemies, you’ll want to parry their attacks and reduce their health and then attempt to either kick/harpoon them into fire or off ledges. You also need to parry a handful of enemies and also kill an elite enemy target found at the end of the trial.

::::: tip:
Watch out for the fire and make sure to regularly hit the enemies with normal melee attacks to replenish health. Some of the elite enemies do huge amounts of damage so you’ll want to attack them to regain some health back!

Before you begin the Lolingestone Bandit Camp Trial of the Bear, you'll be shown the gear, abilities and objectives for the challenge.

How to Get Fall Damage Kills

Trial of the Bear Special Abilities - Kick of Tyr and Harpoon

You’ll need to use the Kick of Tyr strategically by reserving it for enemies which are positioned close to the edge of a platform, with enough of a fall to kill them when you use the ability and kick them off. Your main source of replenishing adrenaline, which will allow you to use the special ability, will be from consuming mushrooms which are scattered throughout the outpost. Alternatively, you can kill a few enemies with regular hits to replenish your adrenaline, but you should only do these once all of the mushrooms have been consumed, so that you still have enough enemies left to kill with fall damage by using Kick of Tyr.

The Harpoon can also be used to fling or pull enemies off ledges. It can be tricky to predict where the harpoon will fling the enemy, but for the most part if you’re positioned near a ledge the harpoon should throw an enemy off a ledge and get you some of those Fall Damage kills.

Use Platforms for Fall Damage Kills

If you’re completely out of adrenaline and still need to kill some enemies by fall damage, your best chance is to goad a few enemies to follow you near the edge of a platform, then hit them with a heavy attack to knock them back and, hopefully, off the ledge. Keep in mind that you’ll need to do this with enemies who have enough health to survive the initial heavy attack, to ensure that they technically die from the fall.

How to Get Fire Damage Kills

Kick of Tyr and Harpoon

The special abilities will be vital during this trial as you’ll need to use them to throw people into the fiery pits that surround the trial area. You can also use heavy attack to shove enemies into the fire, but the easiest way will be to either kick them in or fling them using the harpoon from a distance.

Near the beginning of the trial, you’ll find some enemies near a ledge overlooking some fire pits, you can either use harpoon or kick to chuck them into the fire below. If you use harpoon, you’ll want to climb up onto the wall perpendicular to the ledge and then pull them into the fire with the rope. If you want to kick them in, just run up onto the ledge and perform the ability when they’re close to the ledge.

In the penultimate section of the camp, before you fight the Goliath, you’ll come across several archers and a few melee enemies. If you whistle to attract them whilst you’re on higher ground you’ll be able to line them up on the ledge below to either heavy attack them or kick them off the platform into fire. The archers are particularly weak so they’ll be easy to hit off the edge. Depending on the enemy, they’ll either be weak enough to die from fall damage or survive with a tiny bit of health and die from fire damage in the fire below.

How to Get Parry Points

The parry points can be tricky to get in whilst you’re chaotically trying to fling people into fire or off cliffs! You’ll want to parry the attacks of more elite enemies as they have more health and are less likely to be killed via parry counter attacks.

(1 of 3) You can use your harpoon ability to fling enemies into the fire pits around the camp.

Kill the Target

The target you need to kill is found at the end of the trial. The target is an elite Goliath enemy. If you’ve not cleared a certain objective then you may want to take the opportunity to fight the Goliath in a specific way - either using the fire pits to deal burn damage or by parrying his orange attacks - remember dodge his red ones!

The Goliath is accompanied by a few other minor enemies which can be killed via the fire damage and can also be parried if you need those extra points. There are no ledges around to do fall damage, though. Once you’ve killed the Goliath the challenge will automatically end, so make sure you’ve taken out the enemies nearby and completed the objectives before you kill him.

The Goliath is a target that must be killed to complete the trial.

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