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Majesty in the Dark

Scott Peers

This quest begins immediately after The Rot in the Slums. After assassinating Bishop Engelwin, you need to leave his sanctum before his body is discovered, but there’s more to learn from Engelwin’s chambers before you leave.

Majesty in the Dark, Siege of Paris DLC.

Investigate Bishop Engelwin’s Chambers

As you leave Bishop Engelwin’s sanctum, you’ll find his chambers in the room to the south up the stairs. Once inside, you can use Odin’s Sight to highlight relevant items of interest which can be inspected for the purposes of investigation. These include:

  • A Scythe of Revolt on the wall at the southern side of the room
  • A symbol on the northwestern wall in the form of a tapestry
  • Bishop Engelwin’s journal behind the barricade on the eastern side of the room
  • A letter addressed to King Charles behind the barricade on the eastern side of the room

All of these items contribute to the investigation progress of the room, but the Scythe of Revolt can actually be equipped from your inventory once you’ve interacted with it on the wall.

Explore the Boatmen Baths Tavern for King Charles

The last clue indicates the location of King Charles, in the brothel of the Boatmen Baths Tavern, at the centre of the Paris slums. When you reach the brothel, speak with the woman behind the bar and ask her who the special visitor to the tavern is. She’ll suggest that you might have some luck accessing the brothel by speaking to the guard at the end of the stairs, but you’ll only be able to convince the guard to grant you access if you have at least Charisma level 2. If you pay 13 silver to the woman, she’ll tell you that there’s another way into the brothel from the tree outside the front door.

Whichever way you do it, once you’re inside the brothel you’ll find King Charles down the steps and through the door in the southwest of the main room. Entering the room will begin a lengthy cutscene in which Eivor and King Charles discuss the prospects for a peaceful resolution. However, before King Charles is willing to entertain the idea, he wants Eivor to rescue his queen, Richardis, who has been taken by a mysterious zealous faction belonging to the church. Eivor agrees to rescue the queen for a chance at peace. When the scene is over, you’ll need to return to Melun to inform Sigfred and Toka.

(1 of 6) Interact with the scythe on the wall to take it into your inventory.

Return to Toka in Melun

When you’re back in Melun, enter the longhouse to begin a cutscene with Sigfred and Toka. Sigfred isn’t happy that you’ve spoken with King Charles behind his back, and Toka isn’t too keen on the idea either. You’ll have three dialogue options here, but it doesn’t matter which you choose. After the scene, Sigfred will ask you to follow Toka to find out what happened to the watchmen during the attack on Melun. A cutscene will begin once you enter the morgue, and you’ll learn that the soldiers were poisoned. Toka is unwilling to betray Sigfred’s trust, and therefore won’t help Eivor to find queen Richardis. Pierre is more than willing to help however, and provides you with a good lead on her location: at Evreux, far to the northwest of Melun. The quest will end after the scene.


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