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Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Cudberct is a Power Level 160 Zealot, and he can be found wandering on the main roads near Saint Albanes Abbey in Oxenefordscire.

Cudberct cutscene.

Fighting Cudberct

Cudberct is an agile fighter who wields a spear. As his ranged attacks, he throws spears. He will also use his spear to perform a powerful kick. After fighting him for a short while, he might throw a poison smoke bomb, and if you get caught in the green gas you’ll take damage over time. He might also begin emitting green smoke from his body, so when you fight him up close you might take a bit of extra damage just from being in his vicinity.

Cudberct uses a blend of strong (red) attacks and lighter (orange) attacks. Lighter attacks can be parried, but strong attacks should be dodged at all costs. If you equip the skill Brush with Death you can trigger slowed time periods by successfully dodging an attack, allowing you to get in some uncontested hits.

Hitting Cudberct’s weak points could also be of use. His weak points are his right arm and left shin. When you successfully shoot a weak point, you’ll dramatically decrease his stamina, and if his whole bar is depleted, you can get in a powerful Stun Attack.

When you’ve defeated Cudberct in combat, remember to confirm the kill to complete this Zealot boss fight. You’ll earn a random powerful rune for this fight and a few other supplies.

(1 of 2) Cudberct will use his spear to kick and stun you

Cudberct will use his spear to kick and stun you (left), and he'll also throw poisonous smoke bombs to deplete your health over time. (right)


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