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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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Ireland's Defender

Scott Peers

This page details where you can find Ireland’s Champion of the Faith along the River Berbha, part of the Ireland’s Defender River Raids quest.

Ireland's Defender, River Raids Expansion.

Where to Find Ireland’s Champion of the Faith in River Berbha

There are four druid locations along the River Berbha, however in this case you’ll find Ireland’s Champion of the Faith at the same location each time, at the Festering Valley druid location, in the central region of River Berbha.

You’ll need to fight a lot of elite druids at the Festering Valley, so you should deal with these first and take what plunder you can in the form of wealth chests. Once you’ve defeated all the enemies and looted all the chests, you’ll need to locate the red door shown in the screenshot below. This leads underground, where you can travel alone (your Jomsviking allies won’t follow you down here) to find Ireland’s Champion of the Faith. At this point you’ll realize that there are actually two Champions of the Faith for Ireland, both siblings.

(1 of 3) The location of the Festering Valley, in central River Berbha.

How to Defeat the Champion of the Faith Siblings at Festering Valley

The fight with the Champions will take place in the underground chamber. If you leave the chamber it will reset, so you should only do this if you find yourself in a tricky spot. The fight will be relatively easy on standard difficulty settings, but on nightmare difficulty, you could be killed by two or three hits from the siblings. You’ll need to be careful to avoid their special attacks in particular, which they will spam relentlessly.

The Champions have almost exactly the same fighting styles, and this includes their special attacks. One of these is a red rune aura attack during which the Champion leaps into the air and slams their weapons down on Eivor. This inflicts massive damage, so you’ll want to avoid it by dodging or rolling out of the way. Alternatively, you can try executing one of your own special abilities to interrupt the attack before it can be performed. As both Champions are capable of executing this attack, you’ll need to keep them both within your sight so that you can avoid it, especially since it executes extremely quickly.

Aside from the above red rune aura attack, you’ll find that both Champions like to throw projectiles frequently. You’ll have the regular warning of a red marker above your head when a projectile is incoming, so there’s plenty of time to react by dodging, rolling, or using a special ability to interrupt the attack. The projectiles will usually be thrown three to six at a time, so we’d recommend using a special ability to stop the attack altogether, rather than continually dodging or rolling, thereby wasting stamina.

The Champions also have the ability to chain spin attacks, which are indicated by an orange aura around them when the attack is imminent. You can block or parry these to stop them in their tracks, or you can use your own special abilities. Try to avoid dodging or rolling here, as it will deplete your stamina quickly when you need to avoid multiple swift attacks.

Thankfully, both Champions aren’t wearing much armor, so your attacks will inflict a lot of damage. You’ll find that both Champions have their weak points on their right hand, which once you hit will stun each of them respectively. You can then execute a stun attack to inflict massive damage. If you have the Precision Axe Throw ability, this will be useful to hit the weak points without making yourself vulnerable to attack from the other Champion while aiming.

(1 of 5) You'll need to keep both Champions in sight to avoid their red rune aura leap attacks.

How to Get the Celtic Crusher Hammer

Once you defeat both Champions, a brief cutscene will play and you’ll receive the Celtic Crusher one-handed hammer.

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