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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Honor's Hubris

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins immediately after The Son of Jorvik. Now that a sufficient army has been mustered to face the Picts, it’s time to meet with Faravid to proceed with the plans. You’ll find him in Stenwege, northwest of Jorvik.

Speak with Faravid

Once you reach Stenwege, speak with Faravid on the battlements of the inner walls. A brief cutscene will play, after which you’ll need to ride to Magnis’ staging grounds, located northwest of Stenwege. When you reach the camp, speak with Ljufvina at its western side. Another cutscene will follow, the content of which will vary depending on whether you told Halfdan about Faravid’s plan, but the outcome will be the same. You will need to speak with the Picts in an attempt to negotiate a surrender. This will soon end when Ricsige reveals himself to be a traitor.

(1 of 3) You’ll find Faravid at Stenwege, northwest of Jorvik.,

Assault on Magnis Fortress

Lower the Ladders

The assault will begin immediately after the failed negotiation attempt. You’ll need to defeat the Pict envoy and the two Man at Arms beside him first. This should be an easy task, especially as you’re surrounded by allies. Once they’re dead, continue west to the walls of the fortress. When you reach the walls, destroy the springald by shooting its mechanism and shoot any fire pots that you can spot on the wall. Next, shoot the links on the ladders to lower them, granting access to the fortress.

(1 of 3) Destroy the springalds from the walls.

Reach the Inner Compound, Breach the Palisade, and Lower the Drawbridge

Now that you’re inside the walls, continue west toward the inner compound. You’ll take heavy fire as you approach the walls here, but you can reduce it by shooting the link of the net to the right of the gate, causing the rubble within to crash down on the enemies. You’ll have to climb the walls here to reach the inner compound, and you can kill as many warriors as you want on the ramparts. However, note that they will continue to be replenished, so the only way to stop them is by jumping to the other side of the gate and destroying the links on the reinforcement bar. You can then open the gate to provide access for your allies.

Once your allies are through the main gate, continue north within the inner compound and breach the palisade by throwing a nearby fire pot at it. Once you’re through the other side of the palisade, take out the enemies using the springald and continue eastward, then turn south to climb the walls opposite the drawbridge. From here you can shoot the links holding the drawbridge in place, one on each side as with other drawbridges. Once the drawbridge is down, you’ll have free access to the inner courtyard. Here you’ll need to kill all the enemies in sight to secure it, each one marked by a teal objective. Once all are dead, a cutscene will begin and the assault will be complete.

(1 of 5) You’ll need to take a nearby fire pot and throw it at the palisade to destroy it.

Defend Magnis Fortress and Kill Ricsige

After the cutscene, you’ll now need to defend Magnis Fortress from a Pict attack to the north. You’ll find plenty of arrows on the battlements, which you can use to shoot the ranged enemies in the distance. You’ll also need to switch to melee combat to deal with those who climb the walls. Alternatively, if you’d rather get into the thick of battle, you can jump down from the walls and meet the Picts directly in battle in front of the gate.

Once you’ve killed most of the attacking enemies, a brief cutscene will play during which Ricsige is spotted fleeing to the north. After the scene, chase after him using the rope wire and then through the snow. He will only get so far before he’s forced to turn around. Killing him will then be an easy task, as he won’t put up much of a fight. Once he’s dead a cutscene will play, after which the quest will end. Before you leave the area, this is a perfect opportunity to unlock the Is There Anybody Out There? trophy by walking along Hadrian’s Wall from Magnis Fortress in the west, to Brunton Turret in the east, lighting all the unlit braziers on Hadrian’s Wall along the way.

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