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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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Lost Drengr - Orwig Neverdeath

Scott Peers

This mystery is located in the northeast of Hordafylke, at a small camp in the mountains where the Lost Drengr Orwig Neverdeath resides.

Orwig Neverdeath, Hordafylke.

How to Defeat Lost Drengr - Orwig Neverdeath

As with other Lost Drengr mysteries, you’ll need to fight to the death. In this case your opponent is Orwig Neverdeath, who wields two large shields in battle. When the fight begins you’ll quickly learn that Orwig can still be swift in his strikes, and will often perform multiple hits one after the other with his shields. To take a significant chunk of his health early on in the fight, you should aim for Orwig’s weak points on his right knee, left shoulder, and either of his forearms. The last two are the hardest to hit, but you only need to hit one of them, along with the right knee and left shoulder, to weaken Orwig enough to perform a high damage stun attack. One of the best ways to expose his forearms, which are usually protected by both shields, is to allow him to charge you and then dodge away at the last moment. In this way you can reliably flank Orwig to aim for his forearms while the shields are being held up.

As ever, you’ll find the dodging mechanic much easier if you have the Brush with Death (Way of the Raven) skill. This will slow time whenever you perform a successful dodge, giving you more time to aim for the weak points before Orwig recovers his stance. This skill will also be particularly useful for this fight, because most of your attacks will need to land immediately after a dodge. If you try to hit Orwig with regular attacks while facing him, he’ll block each one. You can break his block stance briefly with a heavy hit, and you can follow this with a few light hits, but he will quickly assume his defensive stance when he’s knocked back. As a result the most reliable method is waiting for him to strike, dodging, and then quickly retaliating with light or heavy attacks from behind, or from the side.

The flow of Orwig’s strikes can be unpredictable, so try not to become too complacent while you wait for an opportunity to dodge. Orwig will sometimes perform a twirl attack, during which his shields will be swung from behind him to hit you in the face soon after. You’ll need to look out for this animation and become familiar with it if you want to dodge or block / parry the attacks every time. Another attack you’ll want to look out for is a charge. This is indicated by an orange aura, but also when Orwig raises both shields either side of him, as in the screenshot below. You can avoid this attack by blocking or parrying it, but you’ll need to get the timing right. If you’re not too confident with either, a simple dodge / roll will do, or you can even casually run out of the way if you begin the run early enough.

(1 of 4) The location of the mystery in the northeast of Hordafylke.

Other than the charge and swinging shield attacks, there isn’t much that you need to worry about in terms of special attacks. Orwig will spam the charge and the swing attacks as often as possible, so if you can master dealing with these, the fight will be an easy one.

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