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Man of Mystery

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details all you need to know about the Man of Mystery settlement quest in Ravensthorpe, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

How to Start the Man of Mystery Settlement Quest in Ravensthorpe

This quest becomes available once your settlement, Ravensthorpe, becomes a village (settlement level 5). To begin, you need to speak with Tekla the brewer. You should find her waiting for you in the longhouse at Ravensthorpe.

When you speak with Tekla you’ll learn that she has been robbed on the road from Lincoln. The thieves took her ale, and all the silver she had on her. Apparently, the thieves were also looking for a man known as Guthban. After speaking with Tekla, you’ll need to ask around the settlement for any information about who this Guthban might be. The people you need to speak with are marked on your compass by three teal icons, but they won’t be marked on your map.

Speak with Saxon Residents of Ravensthorpe

Shortcut to Guthban...Show Spoiler

If you want to find out who Guthban is immediately without speaking to Octavian or Rowan, speak with Tarben at the bakery first.


You’ll find Octavian at his museum, on the northern side of the longhouse. If you’ve already built the museum he’ll most likely be inside his workshop. Otherwise, you’ll find him wandering outside his tent. You’ll find that speaking with Octavian yields no useful information.


Next, speak with Rowan at the stables just west of Octavian’s museum, next to Alvis and Holger’s house. Speaking with Rowan will provide you with a humorous exchange, but you’ll still be none the wiser as to who this Guthban is.


Finally, you’ll want to speak with Tarben at the bakery, directly south of the longhouse overlooking the river. He will reveal immediately that he is in fact Guthban, or rather was. This is the name he used as a member of a mercenary gang.

(1 of 3) Speak with Octavian in the museum at Ravensthorpe.

Find the Bandit Hideout

Once you’ve spoken with Tarben, meet him outside and speak with him when you’re ready to travel to the bandit hideout. You’ll want to summon your horse here, as Tarben will be riding his. Follow him along the road to the north, and stay close to listen to his tale.

When you arrive at the hideout, Tarben will dismount and a brief exchange with Eivor will follow. When you’re ready, enter the house. A cutscene will then play, during which you’ll meet Wilf. He’ll ask you to retrieve some wealth from a nearby military camp to the west, named Glen Ford Camp. All you need do is loot all the wealth in the camp and then return to Wilf. You can do this by sneaking through the camp, or you can kill everyone in it first. We recommend the latter for the extra loot and XP.

(1 of 3) Follow Tarben to the bandit hideout.

Return to Ravensthorpe

After the scene with Wilf and Tarben, you’ll need to escort Tarben back to Ravensthorpe. You can take any route you like. The main thing is that you reach the bakery to initiate the cutscene, after which the quest will complete.


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