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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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Trial of the Raven - How to Get Highest Mastery Points

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about how to complete the Trial of the Raven at the Hamtunscire - Uffentune Mastery Challenge.

How to Get the Gold Medal

Trial of the Raven Objectives

Objective Mastery Points
Assassinations 456
Indirect Kill on targets 332
Remain anonymous 152
Kill all the targets 60

What Counts as a Target?

The most important thing to recognize about this trial is that you only need to get indirect kills on specific targets. In our view, the word “target” in the phrase “Indirect Kill on targets” should be capitalized, since it’s not immediately obvious that you should only seek to get indirect kills on specific targets, and they’re not necessarily clearly marked unless you know what you’re looking for.

In any case, now that we’ve made you aware of this fact, see the screenshot below for an example of what to look for. Any enemy with a teal arrow above their head is a designated target, and will need to be killed in an indirect way, while all other targets should be assassinated to ensure that you attain the mastery points required for the Assassinations objective.

What Counts as an Indirect Kill?

You may be wondering what exactly counts as an indirect kill during this trial. In the most basic sense, it refers to any kill that occurs for a marked target which isn’t achieved by a direct blow from your melee weapon or from an arrow. The most common methods of securing an indirect kill on specific targets here are by shooting fire pots, causing silos to explode, shooting cargo links to send the cargo crashing down on the head of a target, or releasing caged animals which will then attack and, hopefully, eventually kill the marked target.

In normal circumstances there are other ways to achieve indirect kills, but since you’ll need to remain anonymous throughout the trial in order to secure the gold medal, the above mentioned methods are the main ones available to you without bringing too much attention to yourself. In theory, you could push a marked target from a ledge and cause them to fall to their death, thereby causing an indirect kill, but this is risky as they could detect you during the act. You might also shoot a marked target with a fire arrow, but this will almost certainly result in you being detected, so it’s best avoided. Stick to shooting at fire pots when marked targets are nearby, sending cargo crashing down on the head of an enemy, or releasing multiple animals at once towards the end.

Prioritize Assassinations of Unmarked Targets

One of the main reasons why it’s so important to assassinate the unmarked targets first is that if you kill all of the marked targets first without completing the other objectives, the trial will end and you will have lost the opportunity to earn mastery points from the additional objectives.

Use Raven Distraction

Now that we’ve established what counts as an indirect kill and the best ways to achieve them during this trial, we’ll cover methods of assassination without being detected. You should aim to assassinate as many unmarked targets as possible at the beginning of the trial, while still causing marked targets to die from indirect kills where possible. You may find that you sometimes encounter both a marked target and an unmarked target in the same area, and it seems impossible to kill one without the other detecting you. In situations like this, the Raven Distraction ability becomes your most useful asset.

The Raven Distraction ability does exactly what it sounds like: sends a raven to distract an enemy of your choosing. All you have to do is draw your bow and select the ability while aiming at an enemy. You can even aim at enemies through objects and the raven will still focus on them. The raven will not only distract the enemy, but they will also stun them for a brief period. This gives you an excellent opportunity to run at the stunned enemy and assassinate them without being detected. Alternatively, you can stun one enemy while assassinating another nearby, then return to a place where you can’t be detected, such as within some bushes or behind a nearby object.

One of the most useful ways to utilize Raven Distraction is by commanding the raven to stun an enemy that you’re running at directly, who would otherwise see you and break your anonymity. An example of this can be seen in the gif below. This should also give you an idea of how you can quickly assassinate multiple unmarked targets, while causing indirect deaths for marked targets at the same time:

Falling Cargo Indirect Kill

To kill a marked enemy with fallen cargo, all you need to do is shoot the link which is holding the net in place once the enemy is beneath it, as shown here:

Chain Assassinations

In a situation where you’re likely to be detected as you attempt to assassinate two targets at once, you should be ready to use a chain assassination. This can be done by pressing the button for an assassination immediately after assassinating the first target, as you face in the direction of the next target. To be extra sure that you’re not detected while doing this, you can use your raven to distract one of the targets just before you assassinate the other, as shown in the gif below:

As you patrol along the battlements of the area, you may find that some wooden planks on the edges of the battlements don’t protect you from the view of enemies, so you’ll need to be careful when navigating these and rely on other objects in the area to hide behind. If ever you’re unsure about whether an object will successfully keep you hidden, you an use Raven Distraction to stun an enemy first. You will easily earn back your Adrenaline Slots with each assassination.

Use Whistle to Draw Out and Assassinate Enemies

If you find that you’re in a good location to assassinate an unmarked target but they are within view of another enemy, the best way to kill them without being detected in this case is to use your whistle, which is done by tapping X-Key on PC, Xbox-Dpad-Left on Xbox, or DualSense-DPad-Left on PS4. So long as you’re sufficiently within range, the enemy should hear your whistle and begin investigating in the general direction from which it came. You’ll need to make sure that you’re hidden behind an object, in some bushes, or within a haystack as the enemy approaches, then assassinate them as soon as they’re close enough, as shown in the gif below:

So long as you follow the above steps and take your time as you navigate the trial area, using bushes, objects, and haystacks to remain anonymous, you should be fine. Don’t be afraid to use Raven Distraction whenever necessary, and focus on assassinations of unmarked targets before the indirect kills of marked targets. Remember that if you kill all of the marked targets first, you’ll lose the opportunity to earn mastery points for the other objectives, so you should leave at least one marked target alive until the end, at which point you’ll probably be killing them by releasing multiple animals at once and waiting for them to fight it out.

(1 of 2) Enemies can sometimes see beyond these wooden walls on the battlements, so use other objects to hide from their view or use Raven Distraction to stun them before you move.

Enemies can sometimes see beyond these wooden walls on the battlements, so use other objects to hide from their view or use Raven Distraction to stun them before you move. (left), The marked targets are those with teal arrows above their head, such as the one n the right here. (right)

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