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Treasures of River Exe

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a walkthrough of the Treasures of River Exe quest found in the River Raids game mode. To access this quest, you’ll first need to complete the tutorial A River to Raid and also build the Jomsviking Hall. Then, when Vagn shows you the river raiding map, choose the River Exe to accept this quest.

Finding Saint George’s Armor

The goal of this quest is to find the two pieces of Saint George’s legendary armor somewhere on the River Exe. You’re told that the pieces will be found in larger military locations, so you can rule out monasteries and small camps.

You’ll notice on your second run on the River Exe that the places you raided during the tutorial are now labelled as pillaged, meaning you cannot raid them again until they are rebuilt which can take a while. This also encourages players to try new routes on the map so that you find other areas to raid.

You’ll also notice relatively early into your second journey on the River Exe that the military have put up makeshift barricades and defenses across the river. The first one you’ll come by will be just past Keats Farm. You’ll need to shoot down the archers so that they don’t pose a threat to your crew. You can also just smash right through the wooden barricade across the river to carry on along your way.

The armor you will find on the River Exe are the Saint George’s Cape and the Saint George’s Tower Shield.

(1 of 4) The Shield is large and has a red cross on it that's symbolic of Saint George

Valhalla River Exe Map

Below you will see the locations marked on the map of the fortifications where the armor can be found. Note, it will spawn randomly though, so you may need to check more than one of these in order to find it.

There are three large military locations to choose from where the armor might spawn.

Armor Locations

The armor spawns randomly within military locations, so we cannot give you the exact location of where it might spawn during your raid. However, there are areas that they are more likely to spawn in, since there are only a few large military locations. You’ll either need to head to Eastern Fortification, Western Fortification or Fortress on the Exe. Western Fortification and Fortress on the Exe are in the north west portion of the map, whereas Eastern Fortification is closer to the starting area and is also in the east. If you continued your tutorial raid and cleared Eastern Fortification then your armor will most likely spawn at the other two locations.

River Exe Barred Door and How To Get Past It in Vallhalla

One puzzle that has been taxing Valhalla players since launch is how to get into the hut marked Barred in the Civilian Settlement. If you are here, chance are you have tried everything, including firing arrows at just about every potentially target to see of you can get it to open. The solution to entry is much less violent that that however, although it may make you want to resort to violence when you finally spot the tiny hidden entrance you need to access the interior by.

To enter, head to the left side of the house and climb it. Hidden away, directly under the roof is a small triangular opening that you can squeeze through. It is difficult to spot but it is there, and that is where you want to be heading.


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