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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

A Little Problem

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details everything you need to know about how to complete the A Little Problem quest, associated with the Ravensthorpe settlement in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

How to Start the A Little Problem Quest in Ravensthorpe

This quest begins after speaking to a small child who you can find in the longhouse of your settlement, Ravensthorpe. The child will appear distressed, telling you that his friends are in trouble. There’s no time to explain, and he insists that Eivor follow him to the woods nearby.

Follow the child northeast into the woods. Don’t worry if you get distracted, you’ll find him waiting along the road until you approach. You’re looking for a small house in the woods, which the child will take you to. Upon arriving, you’ll find that his friends aren’t really in any trouble themselves. Instead, this was the only way they thought that they could convince Eivor to come and save a dog. Only it’s not a dog. It’s a wolf! Clearly, Eivor has had enough experience with both to be able to distinguish subtle differences in the way they sound.

The children will beg Eivor to help them save the wolf, and Eivor agrees. Once the cutscene ends, you should head to the front of the house. Here you’ll find a wild boar roaming in the fields, one which has somehow come into the possession of a key to the front door of the nearby house. Kill the boar and loot it for the key, then enter the house.

(1 of 5) Follow the child northeast into the woods.

When you enter the house you’ll be able to inspect a few items to trigger commentary from Eivor, including a note, some hides, and a stag head. When you reach the basement you should read the note on the table to the left of the cage before you open it. As soon as you open the cage the wolf will run upstairs. Chase after it to trigger another cutscene once you’re outside.

After a brief discussion with the children, Eivor will suggest that everyone return to Ravensthorpe. A short way down the path you will be attacked by three gray wolves. These are easily dealt with, but you might want to use any special abilities to ensure that they’re dead before they inflict any lasting trauma for the children. In any case, the friendly white wolf will appear to help you kill the meaner gray ones.

(1 of 2) Choose a name for the wolf from the suggestions.

Choose a name for the wolf from the suggestions. (left), You will receive the Man’s Best Friend ranged ability when the quest completes. (right)

Once all the gray wolves are dead, the children will immediately get to the task of considering a name for the friendly white wolf: Dwolfg, Mouse, or Chewy. None of these have any lasting impact so choose according to your preference. The newly named wolf companion will follow you home to Ravensthorpe, where the quest completes after a brief chat with the children.

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