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Dysert Trade: Illuminating Event

Scott Peers

How to Clear the Trade Post at Dysert

To complete this quest, you’ll first need to clear the Trade Post at Dysert, located northwest of Dublin in the region of Ulster. Once you’re inside the post you’ll be confronted by a number of regular units and two types of elite units: Pikemen, and Arbalists. Both of these can be tricky to deal with, but if you follow the principle of prioritising the Arbalists by charging them as soon as you see them to remove their ranged advantage, you should be fine. You’ll need to hit through the Pikemen’s block stance with heavy attacks, or resort to ranged attacks whenever they assume it.

Investigate Dysert and Obtain the Deed from the Camp Near Malin Head

When all the enemies are dead, use Odin’s Sight to highlight the location of the clue which will direct you to the location of the deed that you need to build the trade post. You’ll find the note on the northern side of the trade post, beneath the battlements. You’ll need to destroy a number of crates and pots to access the note.

Once you’ve read the note, the quest objective will update with the location of the deed. Check the world map to see where you need to go. In this case, it can be found at a bandit camp on the coast northeast of Dysert, near Malin Head. You’ll find the deed in a chest on the northern side of the camp.

After you’ve looted the deed, all that remains is for you to return to Dysert and interact with the signboard to build the trade post.

(1 of 5) Kill the Arbalists as soon as possible before they manage to fire their crossbows.

Dysert Trade Post Production Overview

Dysert Trade Post allows you to produce Texts. You can build the following structures at the trade post:

Building Effect Cost
Raider Tent Increases the amount of trade items you receive when completing Royal Demands 140 Trade Post Supplies
Storehouse Doubles capacity of Trade Chest at Azar’s Overseas Trade Post in Dublin (from 100 capacity to 200) 100 Trade Post Supplies
Workman’s Cottage Doubles the rate at which trade items (Clothing, Texts, Delicacies, Luxuries) accumulate per minute (from 1 per minute to 2 per minute) 220 Trade Post Supplies


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