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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

The Rot in the Slums

Scott Peers

Find and Speak to Sigfred in the Slums of Paris

This quest begins immediately after Warlord of Melun. After the attack on Melun, you need to speak with Sigfred, who can be found in the slums of southern Paris.

The Rot in the Slums, Siege of Paris DLC.

As you approach the city from the south, use your raven to scout the entrance to the slums within some stone ruins. When you climb down the ladder you’ll encounter a swarm of rats. You’ll be seeing a lot more of these throughout Paris, and you won’t be able to kill them. Instead, when you attack the rats they will flee to the nearest sewer grate, but they won’t stay there for long unless you cover it with an object. These objects will be highlighted in red when you use Odin’s Sight.

Once you’ve dealt with the rats, you’ll see Sigfred just up ahead, lying next to a Frankish soldier. Speak with him and then follow him through the slums as Sigfred and Eivor discuss how to find Bishop Engelwin and deal with King Charles. You’ll eventually reach a platform where a cutscene will begin, during which you’re introduced to Count Odo of Paris, and Gozlin, Bishop of Paris. By the end of the scene, Count Odo has noticed Sigfred, so it’s time to leave.

How to Find and Assassinate Bishop Engelwin

Eivor is now tasked with locating and assassinating Bishop Engelwin alone. To do this, you can speak with locals in the Boatmen Baths Tavern to uncover clues about Engelwin’s location, or you can attempt to explore and find him without any help. We recommend going with the former method, since you’ll experience more of the story this way. If you’d rather get the quest over with as soon as possible, you can follow the quest markers to the Sainte-Genevieve Church and use your raven and Odin’s Sight to highlighte clues for entry.

Speak with Locals in the Boatmen Baths Tavern

The Boatmen Baths Tavern is located in the centre of the slums of Paris, as shown in the screenshot below. When you enter the tavern you’ll notice two guards to the left, but these won’t be hostile to Eivor so there’s no need to worry. Speak with the woman behind the bar and go through both dialogue options with her to learn all the information you can about the bishop. When you’re done with the conversation, you can read the note on the table near the guards, and then speak with the drunken man on the floor of the tavern. After this, you’ll have all the information you need for now.

(1 of 5) You’ll find Sigfred in the slums of southern Paris.

Rescue the Scribe in the Plague District

You’ll find the scribe in the northwesternmost part of the slums of Paris, in a place known as the Plague District. When you arrive, use your raven to scout the area and look for a beggar highlighted on the ground. When you speak with the beggar they’ll refer you to a nearby nun, who will in turn tell you that the scribe was taken down the sewers by some guards. Enter the nearby sewers and use the boat to navigate the water until you reach a wall. Climb up from here and continue on until you reach some more water, then dive in. When you emerge on the other side you’ll find the dead scribe and a note which mentions the watchword. From here, you can go to the Sainte-Genevieve Church.

Rescue the Drunk’s Daughter in the Flooded Slums

To find the drunk’s daughter, use the lift just to the east of him in the tavern. You can then jump onto the rope wire to your left to access the rooftops of the flooded slums. As you continue east, use Odin’s Sight to highlight some guards in an opening of the slums. Here you’ll find the drunk’s daughter tied up. Kill the guards in whatever way you see fit, then untie the daughter and follow her to a more secluded area. You can speak with her here, and she’ll mention that you should enter the sewers to pursue the bandits who she sold the church key to. Conveniently, the entrance to the sewers is just behind the drunk’s daughter. The path through the sewer system here is fairly linear, but you’ll need to avoid a few swarms of rats. Kill the bandits as you come across them until you find a small room with a note from The Rat King, and the church key next to it on a table. Now that you have the key, you can enter the church grounds.

Infiltrate the Sainte-Genevieve Church Basement

Whether you rescued the scribe or the drunk’s daughter, you should now be able to enter the church grounds without any trouble. The church is located in the southeast of the slums of Paris. Once inside the grounds, use your raven and Odin’s Sight to locate a guard with a key icon above their head. You’ll need to assassinate this guard to take the key, and one nearby him sitting at a table. When you have the key, climb up to the balcony above where the guard was pushing at the door. You’ll find a man here waiting to be called for his deliverance ritual with Bishop Engelwin.

The man has his doubts about whether he wants to go through with the deliverance, and Eivor offers to take his place. To do this you’ll need to take some robes from the nearby wealth chest. Loot the chest for the Bellatores Robe, then equip it to activate the special ability which will grant you access to the basement of the church.

How to Complete the Assassination Event for Bishop Engelwin

Once you’ve equipped the Bellatores Robe, look to the south over the balcony inside the church and use Odin’s Sight. You’ll see the entrance to the basement highlighted directly in front of you. Jump down from the balcony and go down the stairs to the basement. You’ll encounter a priest at the door who will provide you with a key. Once you enter the room behind him you’ll find a blind woman who will present you with an easy riddle. All you need to do is light the two braziers in the room. If you’re struggling to see them, use Odin’s Sight to highlight them in teal.

(1 of 5) Take the key from the guard beneath the balcony in the church grounds.

When both braziers are lit, the woman will allow you to pass beyond the door behind her, leading to Engelwin’s sanctum. From here you can choose to jump down and assassinate Engelwin while disturbing the ritual, or you can wait for him to be done with the current “guest”. When the guest moves away from the bishop, approach the pool and interact with the assassination event marker. This will begin a cutscene with Engelwin, during which you’ll be asked to take your clothes off for the ritual. You should accept this if you want to assassinate the bishop alone, otherwise you’ll need to kill his guards in the room as well. When prompted, select the only dialogue option present to assassinate the bishop. However you do it, once Engelwin is dead you can leave the sanctum by the stairs to the south to complete the quest.

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