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Scott Peers

This page details the Homeward quest, part of the Oskoreia Festival in AC Valhalla. Includes where to find Alwin and the Mad Monk, and how to find the power of protection.

Homeward, Oskoreia Festival.

This is the first narrative quest for the Oskoreia Festival. As part of the effort to prepare Ravensthorpe for the Wild Hunt, Eivor must seek the power of protection, with the help of the Mad Monk.

Where to Find the Mad Monk

The first thing you’ll need to do is speak with Alwin, who can be found near the centre of the festival grounds. He’ll tell you to keep an eye on the Mad Monk, and also that he was recently seen entering the woods with some kindling. A concerned Eivor investigates…

You’ll find the Mad Monk at a small camp in the woods to the northeast. As you near the area, use your raven to scout the exact position of the camp. When you approach the camp a cutscene will begin, during which the Mad Monk appears to tell Eivor that they should look for clarity deep within, through their inner eye. The monk asks Eivor what they seek, and when the response of protecting the people of Ravensthorpe comes, the monk states that you’ll need to cross the Veil to face your greatest fear and worst own enemy.

How to Find the Power of Protection

The scene with the Mad Monk leads to Eivor finding themselves in a strange vision. There’s no quest marker here, but if you head east and use Odin’s Sight, you’ll soon find a small rune stone which can be read, stating:

“Pulled from a thread of the Nornir’s strand, this rune casts a shield across the land.”

After interacting with the small rune stone, continue east and immerse yourself in the megalithic structure. You’ll notice markings on some of the stones, similar to those found on the standing stone monument mysteries, such as Stonehenge. The same principle applies here: to complete the quest you’ll need to find the appropriate position to make the markings align.

In this case, you’ll be able to see the correct alignment of the markings by standing on the large rock which crops out at the eastern side of the monument. It looks a bit like a small Pride Rock, so you should be able to spot it. Stand on top of this stone and look directly west towards the markings. You’ll need to adjust the camera slightly to align the markings properly, then you’ll enter a meditative state.

Defeat Shadow Eivor

The meditation after aligning the markings correctly leads to a conflict with Shadow Eivor, a sinister spirit version of yourself. Shadow Eivor is fairly easy to defeat and only uses one special ability, which is Throwing Axe Fury. This can inflict a lot of damage if each axe hits when you’re playing on the highest difficulty settings, so be ready to dodge or roll out of the way, or interrupt it with a special ability of your own.

Other than the Throwing Axe Fury ability being spammed by Shadow Eivor, they don’t have much else in their combat arsenal. You’ll find a weak point on their right foot, but you should be able to bring them down fairly easily with regular attacks, especially if you combine them with special attacks. Once you’ve defeated Shadow Eivor you’ll wake up in Ravensthorpe. It seems you’ve painted the rune of protection on the Ravensthorpe longhouse while in the herb-induced state. The quest completes after some brief dialogue from Eivor.

(1 of 6) You'll need to speak with Alwin in the centre of the festival grounds to begin the quest.


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