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Honor and Enemies

Scott Peers

This quest begins immediately after The Queen’s Gambit. After rescuing Richardis and bringing her to King Charles, Eivor learns that Charles was only interested in acquiring his son, Bernard, and would rather see his wife dead at this point. After defeating the Frankish soldiers, it’s time to travel to Sigfred’s Forward Camp to regroup. A cutscene will begin at the camp when you speak with Toka and Sigfred, during which they will discuss plans for besieging Paris. Eivor and Toka think it’s worth speaking with Count Odo first, and Sigfred reluctantly agrees to it.

Honor and Enemies, Siege of Paris DLC.

Explore Pontem Esera for Count Odo

To find clues regarding Count Odo’s location, you’ll need to explore Pontem Esera, a fort located just north of Sigfred’s Forward Camp. The fort is patrolled by numerous guards, so you should keep your cloak on when you enter if you want to take a stealth approach. You can enter from the northeastern side to avoid most of the guards. Alternatively, if you’d rather openly attack the fort, it doesn’t matter how you enter but you’ll be looking for a Gedriht elite unit near the entrance, who holds a key to a nearby building which contains some information regarding Count Odo’s location. The Gedriht is surrounded by four other guards and a fire pot. You can shot the fire pot to kill them all instantly.

The building which the key can be used to enter is in the north of the fort, just beneath the tower. Once inside you’ll find a note on the table (use Odin’s Sight to highlight it if necessary), indicating that Count Odo can be found at Manoir des Fleurs Rogues, in the north of Paris. When you’ve read the note, the location of the manor will be marked on your map.

(1 of 3) Take the key from the Gedriht near the entrance to the fort.

Explore the Manor and Look for Count Odo

Once you’re inside the grounds of the manor, you should keep your cloak on to avoid being seen by the guards. Enter the grounds from the eastern side and use Odin’s Sight to highlight the nearby clues. The first should be immediately in front of you as you enter the manor grounds from the east, in the form of a Farmhouse Note beside the manor. Reading this will alert you to the fact that there’s a tunnel to the manor from a nearby farmhouse, which you can use to enter the manor without being seen. This is an easy option, but also the more boring. Instead, we recommend that you speak with Theodrate, Count Odo’s wife, who waits by the entrance to the manor.

After speaking with Theodrate, you’ll learn that you need a special writ to be permitted entrance to the manor. To obtain this, all you need to do is speak with the nobles just in front of Theodrate. They’ll alert you to a drunken noble who has locked himself in the nearby wine cellar. Look to the east from the nobles and you’ll see a woman banging on the door to the wine cellar. You can help her to force it open, then carry the noble outside. When you place the noble on the ground, you’ll have the special writ in your inventory. All that remains is to speak with Theodrate again to gain entry to the manor.

How to Find Count Odo Inside the Manor

Now that you’re inside the manor, you need to find the room where Count Odo is holding a meeting. The entrance from the tunnel is on the ground floor in Count Odo’s Study, but if you entered with the diplomatic writ you’ll need to find the key to the study first. The person you need to find is just upstairs. Walk up the stairs slowly and blend in with the guests. Here you’ll be able to listen to a brief dialogue from Lord Corvus, who holds the key to Odo’s Study. Wait for Corvus to finish, then follow him to the kitchen as he goes to get more wine. When he’s in the kitchen, crouch up behind him and steal the key. You can then use it to open the door to Odo’s Study, on the eastern side of the building. Now all you need to do is walk upstairs to trigger a cutscene with Eivor and Odo.

(1 of 4) After speaking with Theodrate at the front door to the Manor, speak with the nobles just in front of her to learn of a way in.

After the scene with Count Odo, return to Sigfred’s Forward Camp to inform him and Toka of your efforts. The quest will end after this scene.


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