Location: The Skald’s Lament Mystery.


This page offers a guide on where to locate and how to complete A Skald’s Lament, which is a Mystery located in Ledecestrescire.

Follow the Skald

Did you know? In Old English and Norse poetry, a Lament is a poetic genre that explores themes such as exile and the harshness of the wilderness.

This Mystery is located near southeast of Alcestre Monastery. When you speak to the man near the camp, you’ll notice that he may have eaten something bad and he’s a little delusional. Your task is to follow the man and make sure he doesn’t get himself hurt. At first, you’ll just follow him upa hill but then he will approach a camp of murderers.

Before he runs into the camp, you’ll want to get out your bow and shoot as many of them as you can before you and the Norse Man reach the camp. This will make the hand-to-hand combat a lot easier. Your sole goal here is to keep the man alive, so make sure you attack the murderers who go near him. If you need arrows, there are a few sources near the tents that you can grab some from and there are also a couple of cloudberry bushes around if you need to restore some HP.

(1 of 2) Before the man reaches the camp, take out a few of the murderers using your bow

Before the man reaches the camp, take out a few of the murderers using your bow (left), it’ll make the melee combat easier when there’s less of them. (right)

Tip: One of the murderers is also a Wealth point, so when you kill him, make sure to loot his body and you’ll get a Carbon Ingot.

When you’ve defeated all the murderers, the Norse Man will fall asleep and you’ll need to carry him back to his tent. The Mystery marker should still be there so you can head in that direction to get back to the tent. Once you’ve arrived back at the tent, drop him on the floor and speak to the woman to complete the quest. As a reward, you’ll receive a Completed Saga scroll and 1,200 EXP.

Carry the Skald back to the camp to complete the Mystery.

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