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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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Lost Glory

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins after Reporting on Eurvicscire, which marks the completion of the Eurvicscire arc. Eivor is prompted to return to the Royal Hall in Jorvik, in search of Halfdan.

Speak with Moira in the Royal Hall at Jorvik

When you reach the Royal Hall, approach the throne and speak with Moira. She will inform you that Halfdan is lost in despair about what happened with Faravid, and that he might be found at the small village of Picheringa, east of Jorvik. When you arrive, you’ll find Halfdan sitting on a bench in the southeast of the village.

Speak with Halfdan in Picheringa

When you speak with Halfdan you’ll find him in a fairly depressed state. He will be somewhat angry with Eivor, since he wasn’t informed about the death of his brother, Ivarr, at their hand. Eivor will attempt to knock some sense into Halfdan, but you’ll need to head to Dalby Forest in search of Beonton, Halfdan’s hound, who should be near where Halfdan left his hammer. You’ll find the forest northwest of Picheringa.

When you reach the forest, use your raven to scout the area where Beonton might be found. As you approach, you’ll find that Beonton is guarding the hammer from three wolves. Kill the wolves and interact with the hammer to pick it up, then make your way to Scarborough at the coast to the southeast. If you’ve been there before and used the synchronization point, you’ll spawn just above Halfdan. However you get there, once you arrive you’ll find Halfdan on the cliff edge. Approach him to begin a cutscene.

(1 of 6) You'll find Halfdan in Picheringa, a village east of Jorvik.

What Should You Tell Halfdan About Ivarr’s Death?

During the scene Halfdan will ask Eivor how his brother died. You will have two options here:

  1. “Ivarr died a warrior.”
  2. “Your brother died a coward.”

If you gave Ivarr his axe as he was dying, you should choose option one, and tell Halfdan that his brother died a warrior. If you denied Ivarr his axe, you should choose option two, telling Halfdan that his brother died a coward. This is in the interest of remaining consistent, as you were with Ubba, but ultimately it won’t change the outcome of the quest. After the scene with Halfdan, he will ask you to light the beacon of Scarborough, which you can do by climbing the nearby tower and placing the torch near the beacon.

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