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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla


Scott Peers
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This page is dedicated to the boss fight Regan, who can be found in Walsham Crag, north of Ruined Tower synchronization point, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Location: Regan Mystery.

Tips for Fighting Regan in East Anglia

Regan is a Daughter of Lerion and there are three of them to defeat. Due to her power level, she will likely be the second daughter that you’ll want to fight, as Cordelia is the most powerful of the three. Before you take this fight, it is recommended you battle the easiest Daughter of Lerion, Goneril.

To begin this fight, you’ll need to head to Walsham Crag and interact with the strange dead body on the altar. When you do so, Regan will approach from behind you and you’ll shortly begin the fight.

Here are some helpful tips to follow before you start in this fight:

  • Unlock the “Brush with Death” ability in the skill tree - If you take anything from this guide, it should be this. Brush with Death is a game-changing ability that will allow you to slow time every time you successfully dodge an attack. When time is slowed, you’ll be able to attack the opponent for a few seconds uncontested.

  • Don’t try to parry, dodge attacks instead - Most of Regan’s attacks will be power moves, so you won’t be able to parry them. Instead, you’ll want to focus on dodging attacks, and this works even better if you have Brush with Death. You can parry lighter (orange) attacks, but she mostly performs power attacks (red).

  • Don’t let your stamina bar deplete - When you dodge too many times (or run around) in a short period, you’ll lose stamina quickly and your bar will drain. Once your bar has drained fully, you won’t be able to dodge until your stamina bar has filled again. This is a huge problem in this fight as Regan is a fast hitter. Be conservative with your stamina, and only dodge when you’re about to be hit!

  • Upgrade your ration supply bag - Regan has some pretty brutal attacks and if you don’t successfully dodge, you’ll easily take over half of your health from a series of combo attacks triggered by a single successful attack. To upgrade your ration bag, you’ll need mostly iron ores, which can be looted or mined from rocks across the map.

  • Equip Fire Resistance Runes and Skills - During the second phase of the boss fight, you’ll come into contact with a lot of fire attacks. Equipping fire resistance runes and skills will reduce the damage taken from burning.

Fire Resistance is a useful skill to take in this fight!

First Phase

This first phase is quite similar to Goneril, except Regan’s phantom self is fiery and acts like a shadow that mimics her every attack. She will be able to teleport around, and she will use this to jump at you and perform power attacks. If you keep relatively close to her, you’ll minimise the chance of her using her teleporting ability and you’ll be able to better predict her attacks and then dodge them to get your own attacks in. She does occasionally perform weak (orange) attacks that you could parry, but because of the phantom version, you’re best off dodging most attacks so you don’t get caught in the phantom’s attacks.

Regans’s weak point is on her back, but it’s almost impossible to get to it. If you try to run away and around her, she’ll end up just teleporting and attacking you. Usually, hitting weak points is a great way to deplete the enemy’s stamina and get in a big stun attack. However, due to Regan’s weak point being on her back, it would be advised that you don’t focus all of your efforts on trying to shoot her weak spot. If you manage to trigger a Brush with Death slowing period and she happens to be mid spin or her back is facing you then take advantage of this and use your bow. However, your main goal in this fight is to dodge attacks and get in your own hits.

(1 of 2) You’ll need to dodge Regan’s power attacks

You’ll need to dodge Regan’s power attacks (left), and also watch out for her phantom version’s attacks too! (right)

Second Phase

The second phase is triggered when you’ve damaged her to half health. Firstly, you’ll need to move away from her quickly as the second phase begins in a fiery explosion! In this phase, Regan moves a lot quicker and teleports around much more. Her phantom self is also fiery and will leave a temporary blazing trail behind her wherever she moves. This makes it tricky to move around the area without being set on fire! Fire resistance runes and skills are super helpful here!

You want to do the same as you did in the first phase, which is, essentially, to dodge her attacks to trigger Brush with Death and then get in your attacks during the slowed period.

This method of approaching the fight is quite slow, but it is one of the most effective ways of dealing with a fast and agile boss like Regan. When you kill her, you’ll be rewarded with Thor’s Battle Plate, which is a part of Thor’s armor set.

(1 of 2) During the second phase, Regan’s phantom will be on fire and deal fire damage when she attacks

During the second phase, Regan’s phantom will be on fire and deal fire damage when she attacks (left), but when you defeat Regan you’ll earn yourself another Thor’s armor piece. (right)

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