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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Tungsten Ingots

Scott Peers

Wincestre Tungsten Ingot Locations

Wincestre Tungsten Ingot #1 - Market Warehouse

To acquire this ingot, you’ll need to find the Market Warehouse Chest Key from the building immediately to the south of where the chest is located. You can access the building by climbing its eastern wall, where you’ll find a hole near the top. Climb through and take the key, then go back to the building where the chest is. The key will open the door to the building, and the chest.

(1 of 3) The location of the Tungsten Ingot within the Market Warehouse area.

Wincestre Tungsten Ingot #2 - Shieldmaker’s Yard

To access this ingot, you’ll first need to take the Shieldmaker’s Yard Chest Key from a table in the yard. It will be difficult to get the key without killing the guards, so you’ll probably need to deal with them first. Once you have the key, enter the building through a window on its eastern side. You’ll need to break the wooden barricade then jump through it. When you’re inside, go to the corner of the building where the wealth is located and look up. You’ll see another breakable wooden barricade. Shoot it and then climb over the wall to the chest.

(1 of 4) The location of the wealth in the Shieldmaker’s Yard.

Wincestre Tungsten Ingot #3 - Coin Mint Yard

This area isn’t marked on the map, but you’ll know it as the coin mint yard as soon as you enter it. There’s a guard tower at its centre, and the courtyard is filled with silver coins. You’ll find more silver coins in the small building to the south of the tower, where you’ll also find the First Coin Mint Yard Chest Key, which you’ll need to open the chest for the ingot. You can enter this building by destroying the wooden barricade on its western wall. The second key is on the balcony located on the second floor of the guard tower.

(1 of 3) The location of the Coin Mint Yard, just south of the Shieldmaker’s Yard.

Wincestre Tungsten Ingot #4 - Witan Hall

This chest can be found in a tower within Witan Hall. To access it, take the key from the main entrance and use it to open the door nearby. In this room you’ll find a raised ladder. Shoot the link on the ladder to lower it, then climb up to a room with a movable pillar. Destroy the baskets and pots surrounding it, then move it into the corner of the room, beneath the breakable wooden barricade. Once you’ve broken the barricade, you can climb the pillar to reach the highest point of the tower, where the chest can be found.

(1 of 4) The location of the Witan Hall wealth.

Wincestre Tungsten Ingot #5 - Wincestre Seminary

To enter the seminary, break the window on its eastern side, as shown in the screenshot below. Once you’re inside, continue to the westernmost room where you’ll find a wooden barricade in the corner above you. Shoot it, then take the movable pillar from the main room and place it beneath the hole. You can now climb on top of the pillar to reach the hatch door, leading to the chest above.

(1 of 4) The location of the wealth at Wincestre Seminary.

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