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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

The Scholar and the Sunstone

Scott Peers

This quest begins immediately after Finding Fritjof. Now that you’ve found the dwarf, he has given you a lead on the location of the relic. It has most likely been taken to the traitor Einar, a dwarf working for the Muspels.

The Scholar and the Sunstone, Dawn of Ragnarök DLC.

Where to Find Einar in the Mountain Palace

You’ll need to travel to a palace which is built atop one of the tallest mountains in the region, located in the southeast of Svartalfheim. When you arrive you’ll find it swarming with Muspels. You can choose to kill as many as you want, or as many as you need to replenish your power bar. You’ll also find plenty of Hugr Blooms around here. The mountain is vast and the path to Einar can be confusing, so if you’d rather head straight for him you can go to the northeastern side of the mountain, as shown in the image below. Here, at the top of the mountain, you’ll find a door from which the voices of Glod and Einar can be heard.

As you enter through the door a cutscene will begin, during which Havi sees Glod coming to the end of his patience for Einar. Havi attempts to intervene, but Glod smashes the ground, leaving both Havi and Einar to fall to the levels below. Here there’s a group of Muspels that you’ll need to defeat, including an Ash-Bringer, but they’re nothing you can’t handle. After defeating the Muspels, speak to Einar on the ground, then pick him up and carry him outside. You’ll need to carry him all the way down the mountain, which you you can do with ease if you follow the path which leads down to the southeast. You should be able to sneak by most of the enemies here, but you can drop Einar to deal with them if necessary.

Once you reach the bottom of the mountain, place Einar on the ground in the designated spot. You can then speak with him properly and learn a bit more about his tale. At some point Fritjof and Tyra show up, and it’s revealed that Einar is actually Fritjof’s father. It turns out that Einar’s apparent betrayal was done only in an effort to save his son, so there’s more to this dwarf than meets the eye.

(1 of 5) Enter the palace door from the northeast to find Einar.

Where to Find the Relic at Onarthorp

After the conversation with the dwarves you’ll be directed to the village of Onarthorp to retrieve the Sunstone. The village is located southwest of Skidgardr, which itself is northwerst of your current location. When you arrive at the village you’ll find it abandoned, with no obvious clues as to where you might find the Sunstone. However, if you can locate the large tree which overlooks the village, you can head to the back of the house just to the southeast of it. Here you’ll find an open window which you can jump through.

On the ground floor of the house you’ll notice some rats which are capable of eating you alive in a short amount of time, rather like the ones you first encountered in the Francia DLC. However, you only need to worry about these if you’re attempting to get the nearby treasure. For now, look to the northern side of the house on the ground floor. Here you’ll notice a green stone, which is in fact the Sunstone you’ve been looking for. Take it and then make your way out of the house from the same way that you came in.

(1 of 3) You can enter the house through the window from the southeast.

Take the Sunstone to Einar at Hvergelmir Mylna

Now that you have the Sunstone, it’s time to return to Einar. You’ll find him at Hvergelmir Mylna, a settlement to the north of your current location. Einar is waiting for you on the outskirts of the settlement, so meet him there and then follow him inside to one of his old workshops. He’ll try to heat the Sunstone to a point where it becomes useful, but his equipment isn’t exactly in working order. To help out, you’ll need to take the Sunstone and use the Power of Muspelheim to walk through the lava with it, thereby heating it up. Don’t worry if you don’t currently have enough Hugr to use the power: there are plenty of Muspels outside.

It won’t take long for the heating progress bar to fill, and once it does you can head back inside to Einar. With the stone heated, Einar has what he needs and the quest will complete.

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