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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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All Skills in Odin's Camp

Scott Peers

This page details all of the available skills for purchase in Odin’s Camp, part of the Forgotten Saga DLC in AC Valhalla. We’ll cover all of the skills on offer and which ones we’d recommend that you purchase first with Memories.

Odin's Camp, Forgotten Saga DLC.

Odin’s Camp: Recommended Skills

When you first arrive at Odin’s Camp in the Forgotten Saga DLC, you won’t be able to interact with anything in the camp other than the portal which allows you to wake up and return to the base game. However, once you’ve played your first run through Nifelheim, regardless of where you get up to before dying, you’ll gain access to a totem in the camp which you can interact with to purchase skills using Memories, one of the main currencies obtained in the DLC. Some of the skills that you can purchase here are the same as those that you can acquire in the base game as Eivor, but there are also some new skills which are unique to the Forgotten Saga DLC.

In the table below we’ve listed all of the main skills that you can purchase from the totem at Odin’s Camp, but we’ve omitted the minor intermediary purchases which improve things such as melee and ranged damage, increased health and resistances. These should be a secondary concern as you aim to obtain the most useful skills which will improve your chances of survival in a run through Nifelheim.

All Skills at Odin’s Camp

Best Skills For Niflheim Runs

If you’re not sure about which skills to go for and you don’t necessarily want to leave the choices to the Fate auto-assign option, we have a few recommendations.

Health Tree: Brush With Death Skill

The Brush With Death skill has always been one of the most overpowered skills in the base game, and with good reason: it slows time and allows you to take advantage of the breather it provides in the midst of combat. Slowing time by dodging with the Brush With Death skill active is one of the best ways to aim at a weak point at an enemy, and hitting weak points in the Forgotten Saga DLC can be extremely important. This is because once you hit all of the weak points on an enemy, you can execute them instantly with a stun attack, allowing you to defeat otherwise difficult enemies in just a few seconds. For this reason, Brush With Death is arguably the most useful skill in the entire skill tree. It will take some considerable investment in the Health skill tree before you can obtain it, but this comes with the A Good Start skill, which improves your overall gear, so it’s certainly worthwhile.

In our estimation, the Ranged skill tree doesn’t provide enough benefits to be worth the investment, at least while there are better skills on offer in the other skill trees. The extra Adrenaline Slot provided by the Adrenaline Upgrade skill can be useful, but beyond this there isn’t much on offer in the Ranged tree unless you really want to focus on remaining undetected during combat.

Ability Tree: Double Edge Skill

The Ability skill tree has some useful skills to offer, especially with Double Edge which provides one Melee and one Ranged Ability at the start of every run through Niflheim. If you find yourself relying on abilities to get you through tough combat encounters, this tree may be worth the investment. However, if you’re more confident in your parry timing ability, the Parry Damage skill from the Health skill tree could be more useful, especially in situations where your health is low and you can’t let your guard down, but you still need to inflict damage. The Breakfall skill will help you to escape dangerous encounters without sustaining as much damage from a fall, but we’d leave this one out until you have more Memories to spend than you need.

Ultimately, you should go with whatever skills you think are most suited to your own playstyle, but if you want to make combat easier in general, it’s difficult to argue with the benefits from the Health skill tree, especially with Brush with Death and all the increased health that the intermediary skills provide.

(1 of 3) The totem from which you can select new skills at Odin's Camp.

Minor Skills: Buffs and Resistances

Aside from the above main skills, there are also some minor skills that you should consider investing in early on. These are often repeated throughout the skill tree, so you can stack them to end up with a decent buff. For example, you’ll find some Poison Resistance buffs in the top right of the skill tree, each of which give +10 poison damage resistance. This can be incredibly useful during the Nidheim run, where you’ll encounter numerous enemies who consistently inflict poison damage, which if you’re not careful can quickly drain your health. You’ll also face the dragon boss Nidhogg here, who uses mostly poison-based special attacks, so investing in all three poison resistance skills will partially protect you from these.

You will also find Fire Resistance buffs in the top left of the skill tree, which will be useful during the Dokkerland run as you face numerous Muspels. These enemies tend to use a lot of explosive attacks which can easily catch you off guard, and the boss for this area, Hjalmgunnar, also uses a lot of fire-based attacks, one of which is impossible to avoid as he lights up the entire boss arena in flame. These are the two main resistances that you’ll want to protect yourself from, but you’ll also find skills to increase your base health and melee / ranged resistance, and damage output for both of these as well. You should aim to invest in the area where you think you’re lacking most in accordance with your playstyle here.

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