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Tungsten Ingots

Scott Peers

Jorvik Tungsten Ingot Locations

Jorvik Tungsten Ingot #1 - West of Councillor’s House

The chest for this ingot is located in a cultist house, just west of the Councillor’s House in east Jorvik. To open the chest you’ll need to find three cultist keys which are scattered at three points around the city. Their locations are shown on the map below, each one linked to a Cursed Area in Eurvicscire. Once you have all three keys, return to the house and enter via the window on the western side to open the chest.

(1 of 3) The location of the chest in a cultist house just west of the Councillor's House.

Jorvik Tungsten Ingot #2 - The Minster

This one is located behind an altar in the nave of The Minster. If you don’t yet have access to The Minster via the main doors, you can enter through the large circular window on the southern side of the tower.

(1 of 3) The location of the chest at The Minster, in the northeast of Jorvik.

Jorvik Tungsten Ingot #3 - Tower at Coppergate Market

This one can be found in a tower at Coppergate Market. You’ll find the doors on either side of the tower locked, but you can open them by shooting the locks from the small windows outside. The chest itself is behind a destructible wall, which you can destroy with the Incendiary Powder Trap ranged ability, or by taking a fire pot from beneath a canopy attached to the tower from the north.

(1 of 4) The location of the chest in the tower at Coppergate Market.

Jorvik Tungsten Ingot #4 - Beneath Multangular Tower

This one can be found beneath the Multangular Tower, in the north of Jorvik. Once you’re underground from the ruins of the tower, follow the linear path north until you enter a large room with two Skull-Crushers standing near a blockade in the northwest of the room. Shoot the fire pots near them to destroy the blockade and finish off the crushers. You can then proceed northeast through beyond the blockade until you find a movable barricade to your left. Push this inwards and then to the left near the steps. Take a fire pot from the crack in the wall to the northeast (being careful to kill the snakes before they bite and poison you) and then stand on top of the barricade to aim the fire pot and the blockade above the ladder. Once the blockade is destroyed, you can shoot the link on the ladder to access the chest.

(1 of 5) The location of the chest at the Multangular Tower.

Jorvik Tungsten Ingot #5 - Under Jorvik Theatre, Eboracum Bureau

This one can be found in the Eboracum Bureau, which is located under the Jorvik Theatre. To access the bureau, you’ll need to locate the entrance which is just southeast of the theatre, as shown on the map below. Shoot through the wooden barricade and then dive into the water below. Swim northward until you reach the surface of the water, leading to a crack in the wall blocked by some pots. Destroy the pots and continue northward to a large open underground room. Turn eastward in this room until you reach the edge of it, then turn north and jump onto the wooden platform above the water, leading to a barricade. Move the barricade and slide under the hole in the wall. Continue north and then west until you find another hole in the wall, leading to the main room of the bureau.

You’ll find the chest on the northern side of the room, but before you can open it you’ll need to take a key from the top of a scroll case to the west. This key will allow you to enter the room immediately to your south, where you’ll find a weapons and armor chest and the key to the ingot chest.

(1 of 6) The location of the entrance to the Eboracum Bureau, just southeast of Jorvik Theatre.


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