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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Clues and Riddles

Scott Peers
Seren Morgan-Roberts

This quest begins immediately after The First Night of Samhain. After a heavy night of drinking, Eivor wakes up in Tewdwr’s house to a bloody scene.

Investigate Tewdwr’s House and Speak with Modron

The first thing you’ll need to do is investigate the evidence which might indicate what happened last night. Use Odin’s Sight to highlight the points of interest, which include the body of Tewdwr’s bodyguard, a broken pot near the table, and a pool of blood in the north of the house. To reach the last two clues, you’ll need to move the barricade at the northern end of the house. Behind this you’ll find some muddy footprints, and Gwilim’s ouch under a pot, which you’ll have to break to access the pouch, near the table at the northern end of the house.

Once you inspected all the pieces of evidence, leave the house to initiate a cutscene. This will be brief, and at the end of it Cynon will order a couple of guards to kill you. These will be easy to deal with as they’re just regular guards. Once they’re both dead, make your way to the western side of Glowecestre to find and speak with Modron. You’ll find Modron just southeast of the stone bridge at the centre of Glowecestre, as shown below. If you have any trouble locating her, just use Odin’s Sight to highlight her in teal. When you speak with her you’ll have a few dialogue options, but it won’t matter which you choose.

(1 of 3) Use Odin’s Sight to highlight the evidence in Tewdwr’s house.

Find Halewyn the Druid and Prepare the Ritual

Modron will inform Eivor that Halewyn the Druid should know more about the contents of Gwilim’s pouch. You will find Halewyn at a house in the woods northeast of Glowecestre, as shown below. When you reach Halewyn’s house, you won’t be able to enter unless you cloak yourself. Put your cloak on and then interact with the door. A cutscene will begin and Halewyn will welcome you as a spirit that he has been trying to summon.

To help Halewyn with the ritual, the first thing you need to do is light the wicker-men which are placed around his house. To do this, use your torch and walk next to them. For those tied too high for you to reach, just throw the torch at them. It will only need to hit once to start the fire.

Once you’ve interacted with all the clues to the riddles in and around Halewyn’s house, speak with him to prove your worldly knowledge. You won’t need to remember the contents of each riddle, as the correct answer will be available for you to select, so long as you have interacted with the corresponding clue. If you’ve missed any, Halewyn will ask you to come back when you have the answer, and you’ll need to find it by using Odin’s Sight to highlight any remaining clues in or around his house.

(1 of 5) The location of Halewyn’s house, northeast of Glowecestre.

When all the riddles posed by Halewyn have been answered, the quest will complete.

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