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Scott Peers

This page details how to complete the Seaworthy quest, part of the Discovery Tour for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Includes correct answers for flyting contest with Skald Torbjorn, where to find Gunnhilda, Imvaldr the shipmaster, Skaga the woodcutter, and Jarn the blacksmith in Alrekstad.

Seaworthy, AC Valhalla.

How to Complete Seaworthy

As the quest begins, you’ll find yourself feasting in the great longhouse at Alrekstad, in Norway. Your first objective is to speak with King Harald, but we’d recommend taking some time to walk around the longhouse and admire it full of people, reminiscent of the first scene in the main story of the game.

Flyting Contest Answers: Skald Torbjorn

Once you’ve looked around a bit, go to the eastern side of the longhouse and approach Skald Torbjorn if you haven’t already. A brief cutscene will play, during which Torbjorn will challenge you to a flyting contest. With a name like Thorsteinn Silvertongue, refusing would be blasphemous!

If you’re not too confident with flyting contests, don’t worry. We’ve included all the correct answers below.

Skald Torbjorn: “On the Isle of Ely, great riches were won!”

Answer: (Option 3): “A victory some of us wish were undone.”

Skald Torbjorn: “I’ve heard of your legend, your grace and prowess!”

Answer: (Option 1): “You said it yourself, I’ve no need to impress.”

Skald Torbjorn: “It’s a shame Harald Jarl outshines you so brightly.”

Answer: (Option 2): “Beware that such insults aren’t those I take lightly.”

Speak with King Harald

After the flyting contest with Skald Torbjorn, all that remains is to speak with King Harald. Note that you’ll leave the longhouse after this conversation, so make sure that you’ve nothing else to explore here before you do.

King Harald is glad to see Thorsteinn, but the matter at hand proves to sour the greeting. Thorsteinn states that although he still loves and respects King Harald, with each day that passes he thinks more on starting a new life, away from raiding, with his wife Gunnhilda. King Harald states that Thorsteinn is still young, and shouldn’t be thinking of such things yet, but Thorsteinn is insistent. Still, Harald wants nothing to do with it, and refuses to help Thorsteinn in funding a ship and crew to facilitate his new life.

(1 of 2) Be sure to speak with Skald Torbjorn for a flyting contest.

Be sure to speak with Skald Torbjorn for a flyting contest. (left), Speak with King Harald when you're ready to leave the longhouse. (right)

Speak with Gunnhilda

Now that Thorsteinn has seen the response from King Harald, he is willing to pursue his ambitions with his own savings, and without Harald’s blessing if necessary. The next task is to inform Gunnhilda, who can be found in a house southwest of the longhouse. A brief scene will play during which Thorsteinn informs Gunnhilda of the bad news, but they are still hopeful to go on and fulfil their dreams.

Gunnhilda has arranged for a number of people to join in the expedition as crew and companions. Take some time to speak with them before you leave, you’ll find one in the house and two outside.

Speak with Imvaldr the Shipmaster

Having agreed to fund the construction of a longship with Gunnhilda, it’s time to speak with the shipmaster, Imvaldr. You’ll find him southwest of the house where you spoke with Gunnhilda. Imvaldr will tell you the basics of his requirements, including a pine mast from Skaga, and iron nails from Jarn the blacksmith.

Get a Pine Mast from Skaga the Woodcutter

After speaking with Imvaldr, you’ll need to find Skaga the woodcutter to enquire about the construction of a pine mast. You’ll find her working just to the northeast. When you speak with her, she’ll ask you to learn a bit about the methods of ship building. At this point, you’ll need to perform three tasks in the yard:

  • Remove bark to uncover silken pine from the log
  • Tap wooden wedges to split the log as straight as possible
  • Plane the wood to ensure a tight fit between the boards

Once you’ve performed each of the above tasks, you’ll need to tell Skaga that you require pine for a mast, not oak for a hull, in this case. You can then move on to speaking with Jarn the blacksmith.

Get Iron Nails from Jarn the Blacksmith

The last task to aid in the construction of the longship is for you to get iron nails from Jarn the blacksmith, who can be found at his forge to the east. When you speak with him he’ll comment on Imvaldr’s tendency to forget about payment and debts, but he does not doubt his skill in ship building. After the conversation, take the box of iron nails from the house and bring them to Imvaldr.

(1 of 3) Perform woodcutting tasks for Skaga.

Choose a Prow: Elk, Snake, or Horse

Once you’ve brought the nails to Imvaldr, he’ll ask you to choose a prow. You can choose between three designs, each of which have a specific meaning and purpose in this context:

Prow Type Imvaldr’s Comments
Elk The elk is associated with the cycle of life, death and rebirth. For a new beginning in distant lands, it could be quite fitting
Horse The horse? A risky choice! But you can count on it to lead you quickly to port, with the proper ritual precautions
Snake The snake-headed prow will ensure you dominate the waves with disconcerting ease and great stability!

The choice you make won’t have much impact on what is to come, it’ll only influence the final appearance of the longship. Select whatever you prefer and then wait for the cutscene to end.

Take Command of the Longship

After selecting your prow, a cutscene will follow during which King Harald apologises for his childish behaviour in the longhouse. He presents Thorsteinn with an arm ring and blesses his intentions. A seven month period then passes, after which you’ll find yourself at the docks with your new longship. This is your chance to say goodbye to Imvaldr, Jarn, Torbjorn, and Skaga before taking command of your longship and sailing westward.

(1 of 2) Command your longship when you're ready to leave.

Command your longship when you're ready to leave. (left), Be sure to wait a while at the docks for the song to finish. (right)


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