This quest begins immediately after Orphans of the Fens.

Speak with Lif, Birna, and Galinn

Now that you’ve rescued Lif, Birna, and Galinn, the first thing you should do is speak with them in Middeltun. You’ll find them throughout the camp, which is small enough not to get lost in. From the house you wake up in, Lif will be just outside. Birna and Galinn you’ll find by the tents to the west. Once you’ve spoken to all three, you’ll find Soma by the shore to the southwest. She will ask you to meet her at the gates of Grantebridge. You can reach it either by longship or by using the fast travel point in Duroliponte, then crossing the bridge southeast. When you reach the gates a cutscene will begin, after which you will need to shoot the fire pots stacked by the gates to begin the assault.

Did You Know? The tents present near Birna are representative of genuine archaeological finds. The excavation of the Oseberg ship burial in 1904 - 1905 uncovered the remains of a tent with elaborate animal head carvings on the structure, probably depicting dragon heads similar to those found on the ship itself.

(1 of 3) Speak with Lif, Birna, and Galinn in Middeltun before speaking with Soma at the docks.

Assault Grantebridge

Once you’ve breached the walls of Grantebridge, kill all the enemies beyond the gates until Soma indicates that you should regroup at the longhouse to the southeast. Break through the wooden barricade and then kill the enemies in the fields before they burn the crops. With the fields protected, go to the longhouse and wait for Wigmund’s Lieutenant to exit. When he does, avoid getting too close at first. The most deadly attack that this enemy is capable of is grabbing you and throwing you into objects. This will inflict massive damage, so you’ll want to avoid it at all costs by keeping your distance, or only approaching with melee attacks when you have enough stamina to dodge back again. Most of the Lieutenant’s attacks are unblockable, so don’t bother relying on that mechanic.

Tip: You’ll find weak points on the back of Wigmund’s Lieutenant. To expose them, create some distance between Eivor and the Lieutenant, allowing him to be distracted by other warriors, then aim at his back to hit the weak point.

(1 of 5) Shoot the fire pots at the walls to destroy the gate.

In addition to attacking weak points on the Lieutenant, you’ll want to focus on swift strikes while being ready to dodge out of the way of any retaliatory attacks. The Lieutenant will always aim to throw you into objects rather than hit you with basic attacks, so maintaining your distance here is key. Use any high damage abilities that you have available to you such as Harpoon Impalement, and you’ll bring him down in no time. With the Lieutenant dead, clean up the rest of the enemies then speak with Soma to begin a brief scene. Soma will take you to a horn by the longhouse, which you should sound to alert all those in the surrounding lands that Grantebridge has been retaken.

Awake from the Feast

After sounding the horn a cutscene will begin, at the end of which you’ll be engaged in a discussion with Soma about a potential traitor in her inner circle. She’ll ask that you join Lif, Birna, and Galinn on raids throughout the land. By doing so you will get to know them better, and perhaps determine who the traitor might be. You’ll have a few dialogue options here, but all will lead to the same outcome. Soma will also give you Blodwulf, a unique light shield, as a gift for helping her retake Grantebridge. After the scene the quest will complete.

Note: Blodwulf is similar to other shields in terms of its basic stats. However, its passive ability is particularly good, providing a chance to ignite your weapon whenever you parry. This will allow you to set multiple enemies on fire, but also bring down elite units much more quickly.

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